Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spin Cycle: Prom

So, I decided to take a little challenge in my blogging and participate in the "Spin Cycle" through Sprite's Keeper, where she picks a topic each week, and you blog about it, linking your blog entry to her profile. Why not? I'm up for a challenge. This week's topic...prom.

Hmm...a bit tougher than I thought it would be. Let's see...I graduated in 1999, so my prom was about 11 years ago this month (God, that makes me feel old). Actually, I went to three proms - one my junior year, my senior year, and then my freshman year of college because my boyfriend at the time was still a senior. (Weren't my parents lucky to help me buy a new dress three years in a row?) I could blog about each, but I'll just pick the senior one for the heck of it.

My school prom was not like the one you saw in Footloose, even though that would have been totally awesome if everyone broke out in a group dance like that. Nope, I went to one of the more preppy schools in the suburbs of Indy, and our prom (all three years I went) was at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. If you haven't been, it's absolutely beautiful inside. Nope, this is not your prom in the school gymnasium. I've actually been to a few events with the Indiana State Bar Association since then, and it still brings me back to my prom.

In typical Nain fashion (and I mean typical, as this type of stuff always happens to me), something happened that day to mess up the plans. See, I get these debilitating migraines, and I have been getting them for quite some time now. Genetics. Gotta love it, right? So of course, I had one that day, and it was the kind that you woke up with your heading just pounding into the pillow. But I sucked it up like a big girl, and I went and got my hair done (all pulled up in an up-do, which is saying something for my thick hair) and went home and tried to rally to get rid of my headache. My dress for my senior prom was hands down my favorite. It was a spaghetti strap, red princess type dress. Nothing really fancy, but it was just so cute. I had matching red strappy shoes and a red purse to go with it with fake ruby jewelry. It was really cute. A couple years ago, I had to give up my favorite dress because, let's face it, I'll never be as thin as I was in high school and some other girl who couldn't afford to buy a dress for prom needed it more than me. So I gave it to her so that she could be dressed up for her prom. But it was totally a cute dress.

My date had rented a limo for prom, and he arrived at my house, pictures were taken, and we headed to dinner at the Eagles Nest downtown in Indy. It is on top of the Hyatt Hotel and it rotates slowly so that you get a 360 degree view of downtown. I felt bad because my head was hurting so much at that point that I couldn't even eat or enjoy my food. We went to prom, danced a little, but towards the end of the night, I couldn't take it anymore. I ended up getting sick at my senior prom. Not cool, not cool. I was one of the really quiet shy types in high school, too, so I'm sure people were wondering why I was getting sick in the bathroom, possibly thinking I was drunk, who knows...but we had to leave early. So yes, that was my senior prom. Oh, and our prom song? "To Make You Feel My Love" and nope, I don't remember which version they used. It was some country singer, and it definitely wasn't the Bob Dylan version. That would have been cool, though...

Our school also had a tradition the day after where we would take buses to Kings Island. Since we had already bought the tickets, I sucked it up, and I went. Riding roller coasters the day after you get sick...maybe not the best idea, but I am totally not one to waste money. It was a fun day, though, and an overall good prom, minus the whole getting sick part.

And that, boys and girls, was my little trip down memory lane. What was YOUR prom like?
And since you've's the picture!


  1. Welcome to the Spin Cycle! I get migraines myself, which sleep usually helps to ease, but waking up with one? My whole day would be shot. Knowing how much strength it takes to keep moving despite the feeling like your head is about to explode, I am in awe of your resolve.
    Still, sounds like a great Prom experience. I didn't have one since I thought it would be cool to rebel against ours. (Back in 94, the ticket prices were outrageous.)
    You're linked!

  2. Thanks!!! I had fun doing the spin cycle, so I'll definitely play again.

    If it wwasn't my senior prom and if my date hadn't shelled out as much $ as he had, I don't think I would have gone through with it. But yeah, I'm stubborn like that :-)

  3. You can't just tell us how cute that dress was and not post a picture! Dig through that box girl! Post!

    Fun spin ... look forward to seeing you next week.

  4. I promise, when I get home from work today, I will definitely scavenge and find that picture, scan it in and post :-)

  5. You're right! Super cute dress. You are totally adorable ... you look like Bella from Twilight (and I mean that as a compliment, btw!).

    Thanks for posting int!

  6. I get migraines too. Kudos to you for going through with it. The loud music would have sent me over the edge. The dress is super cute!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my place! I enjoyed your prom spin. I do understand the migraine thing. I get them too! You look so cute in your little red dress!

  8. Love that dress! You look beautiful!

  9. Welcome to the spin...

    So sorry you had a migraine and couldn't enjoy the festivities as much as you would have liked.

    I could feel bad because I didn't go to prom, but it always seemed like only the popular kids went and my friends didn't go.


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