Monday, April 28, 2014

33 years

Today is my 33rd birthday.  I know I should not say things because I always get "you're not old!" from friends who are older than me, but dude.  I feel old.  How is it that I'm 33 already?  Nearing my mid-thirties.  In two years I will technically no longer be a "young lawyer."  Boo.  

It's been a pretty good birthday despite the fact I feel old.  Friday night I went shopping.  On my own.  It was glorious.  I had a Kohls gift card and coupon and I added to my wardrobe for the spring.  I cannot even remember the last time I went shopping like that.  We're talking pre-Aubrey if not pre-T.  Maybe dating T.  But it's been a long time.  Saturday we just kind of hung out, having a cookout and fire pit in the evening, and then Sunday the family came down for a party.  Lasagna and cake.  Can't beat that.  

So it'll be a low key kind of and dinner at home, but you know, that's alright with me.  As long as I have T and Aubrey with me, I have all that I need.  

So here's to year 33!  May it be a low key and drama free one!


  1. At 33 I was in my last year with my Ex. I wouldn't have that year back for a billion bucks. Hope yours is FAAAAAAAR better.

  2. Happy birthday friend - and I say we just stop getting older. Let's make it happen!


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