Wednesday, April 2, 2014


It's kind of hard keeping up with everything these days.  With my new job, I have very little to no down time, and with my new schedule to work around Aubrey's daycare, I either work out or work on writing during lunch. I am still writing for several publications and just now starting to study for the Customs Broker Exam in October.  Oh, and the personal life - you know,

I can't complain because I am more than blessed.  I just feel like I have bitten off way way more than I can chew, and sadly this is not the first time I have written about this on my blog.  You think I would have learned by now, right?  But my very little free time is being spent doing...well...everything but relaxing.  Or just spending time with my family.  

I'm trying to figure out what exactly I can cut out, and one of the things I know I have neglected is this blog.   I'm not sure if I should put this blog to bed or if I should figure out something, some way to juggle it.  I don't know.  Regardless, I think I need to do some thinking and some prioritizing and get....well....get my shit together.

But, I am super excited about something that isn't going to happen for six months but it is well over two years in the making.  T and I, wait for it, will be getting an entire weekend - kid free!  Yes, it is true.  We have scheduled a vacation early October, and I could not be more ready for it.  If we could do it sooner, we would, but with the new job and everything, it's all strategic with the days off.  But it does give us something to look forward to, and honestly, it gives us the time we so desperately need to focus on one huge priority that is all too often being neglected - each other.  

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