Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walking the walk

I can't stand hypocrisy.  One of the things that gets to me the most are people who say "I'm Christian" and "I love Jesus and follow His teachings," but in the next breathe are the last to forgive, the first to judge and the most hypocritical  of the bunch.  It drives me crazy.  And you see it all the time, especially with people on Facebook.  You know, the kind who post deep quotes and articles about Jesus and the Christian way but who are individuals who do nothing but hold resentment and hate in their heart?  Yeah.

I have an extended family member that does that and did so the other day.  The person has a grudge against another family member, a close one, and they haven't spoken in almost 20 years.  I'm not sure they even remember why.  Neither is getting any younger, and neither is willing to back down.  What's the point?  You just end up carrying that resentment to the grave.  All that does is darken your heart, weigh you down and take a piece of happiness from you.

I'm one of those who have been deeply hurt in the past, just like anyone else.  For years I carried resentment towards a few people in my life who wronged me.  I couldn't get past the hurt and the pain.  And all that did was make me miserable.  I felt guilty going to church and saying I was practicing the teachings I received in church when I couldn't even get past my own hurt.  Was it valid?  Yes.  Did that other person hurt me?  Yes.  But would that change anything about the situation by walking around just carrying that hurt and resentment.

So I decided to just let it go.  It was hands down the most liberating feeling I have ever experienced.  One of the individuals against whom I carried resentment did hurt me, yes, but we were young.  And we have both grown up and changed.  And none of that matters.  It just doesn't.  It was actually once T and I met that I realized how much of my life I was wasting holding resentment against this person.  

So I forgave.  Did I make this big show of it?  Nope.  Did I tell the other person? I mean in a way, but not really.  Because it doesn't really matter.  I am sure the other person forgave me long before I forgave them.  And if they  haven't - who cares?  I'm not responsible for their conscience.  You are only responsible for yourself.

And they say that forgiving is easier than forgetting.  I agree.  You cannot truly ever forget but you can move past that so that the hurt doesn't hold power over you and you realize there are more important things in life than holding onto some grudge.  It's not worth.  And life is just too short.  

If you're going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.  End of story.  

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