Sunday, March 2, 2014

Goofing off with technology

Goofing off with my girl....Someone finally joined the rest of pretty much everyone else and got an iPhone.  It was time to upgrade and get rid of my Blackberry...and I was totally okay with that because the phone was janky from the beginning.  Free upgrade, and I got an iPhone 4.  However, I have no clue what to do with it, but I'm slowly learning.  I, of course, made T program it.  I mean, why else do I have an engineer around the house if not to handle all of the technological projects in the house?  So on Saturday Aubrey and I experimented with taking pictures without having to awkwardly hold the phone out and hope you're aiming it in the correct direction:

 We were supposed to be doing silly faces in this one but someone didn't cooperate, leaving Mommy with crazy eyes.  But I do like her face in this picture.
We also played around with FaceTime, calling Grandma (Ma-Maw) and her cousin Riley.  I love this feature because this will give her the chance to see her grandparents more often.  Visiting has not been in the cards this winter with bad weather pretty much every flipping weekend.  (I say this as I stare out the window with snow and freezing rain - yay, winter?)  

I think I'm mastering the iPhone.  I am the nerd, however, downloading the Customs code, SCOTUS and White House blogs, and a quick reference U.S. Constitution.  I mean you never know when you need to look up something in the Constitution, right?  

I'm moving up with the technology, but I'll be damned if I get sucked into the whole Words with Friends and Candy Crush thing.  No way.  

For now, I'll play with my little girl and goof off on this snowy Sunday.

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  1. You used to have to feed good quarters into a booth to get pictures like that, lol!


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