Thursday, February 27, 2014


I think I can get all of us to agree on one thing.  Winter has worn out its welcome.  To put it in other words....winter can suck it.  I'm over it.  

Last weekend we had almost 60 degree temperatures, and we got to take Aubrey out for a walk and to the playground but no, that was one gigantic tease.  Because now we're back in the single digit temperatures, and what is this I hear of snow and ice this weekend?  Seriously?  

Long gone are the days of calling work off.  I don't get to call snow days because, well, I don't run this office.  So when the boss says come in, I do have to come in.  In the icky weather.  Yuck.  But this is adulthood.  I miss snow days and being a kid, getting all excited about the weather being crappy and not having to go to school.  Now I see it is going to sleet and I think "great, now we have to deal with stupid drivers on the road and it'll take me two hours to get to work."  Winter.  Please stop it.  

I am taking suggestions on warm places to relocate.  I'm thinking Arizona, but I'm open to suggestions.  Regardless, I'm itching to get out of the house, get this stir crazy little kid out of the four walls and get some fresh air.  Because I may just lose my freaking mind.  Or have I already?

It is Friday tomorrow, and I'm totally pumped for that, but....I'm totally not cool with what we have ahead of us.  At least being snowed in will give me plenty of time to write, right?  

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  1. Like I told Laurie- we'll get to about April and it will just start warming up, and Tambora or Krakatoa will explode and NOBODY will get a summer. Wait and see!


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