Sunday, February 9, 2014

Because she's 2...

Well, she's not yet two, but it sure feels like it!  Adventures in nap time with Aubrey this weekend...let's go to Saturday...

I did the routine, trying to stay in there with her so she fell asleep.  I say the rosary while she lays there and try to be as quiet as can be.  Yeah, didn't work.  I finished an entire rosary, and she was still up.  So I say, okay, just leave.  I exercise and come back upstairs and hear a loud crash and "uh-oh!"  I run upstairs and there lies her humidifier on the floor, pulled off the dresser, water everywhere and the thing is broken with pieces of plastic all over.  She somehow figured out how to open the diaper pale and has the little round puck of baking soda we put in the bottom of it in her mouth.  (It's plastic and isn't edible but still), with clothes from her dresser everywhere.  I look at her and said "what did you do???"  She bends down on the floor with me as I try to pick up the broken humidifier babbling, but I did catch a "Daddy fix it." Oh, honey, Daddy can't fix this one."  I am just glad she didn't hurt herself nap and she broke a piece of machinery.  

Sunday we try putting her down.  She had been fussy all morning and not feeling well so I thought surely she'd go down.  No.  I tried staying in there but she kept talking to me so I left.  I went downstairs to run, and T says he hears her open and close the closet door, which is a first for her because she's never done this...she proudly exclaims "I did it!  Aubrey did it!" and is talking and banging the door stop awhile before it gets quiet.  We go up there to just get her up because clearly she wasn't going to sleep.  We push the door back, her blanket and pillow and a Christmas dress (I think this was her proud acquisition in the closet), blocking the door way.  Random clothes from the dresser and toys from the closet.  But no Aubrey.  So we find her here.

In the corner of the bedroom between the rocking chair and dresser.  And she somehow managed to pull the clock off the dresser, too, and was snuggled with that and puppy and butterfly. This was her bedroom...

I guess she just gave up and passed out.  I had to take pictures, though.  Note we do not have anything at all on our bookshelves.  It's all hidden in the closet.  But she's just recently figured out how to open doors so we've now purchased one of those kid-proof door locks.  We could put her in a padded room, and I still think she'd find something to mess with.  

But she slept.  Eventually, right?

And she's two....and quite the handful.

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  1. But remember, these are those times you'll one day say went too fast! And you'll be right.


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