Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nain night

Tonight I'm on my own.  Well, not really on my own....Aubrey is upstairs sleeping, or at least she should be sleeping but I'm pretty sure she hasn't stayed in her bed.  Or she is sleeping in front of her door like she's done so many times.  Anyway, like I said...I'm on my own tonight.   Some Nain time.  I cooked myself a meal I know that T would never in a million years eat, am propped up on the couch with some wine and chocolate watching my favorite show of all time, Gilmore Girls.  Season one to be exact.  Oh how I realize how much I miss this show.  Seriously, I own every season on DVD, and back in the day I would watch it over and over and over.  I haven't had a night like this since....well....since law school or so.  This is actually my thing.  Whenever I'd have my "down" time, after studying all day on the weekends, I'd watch some Netflix or some of my Gilmore Girls with some wine and just hang out.  Yeah, I led a while life then, I really really did.  But it's kind of nice.  

Now where is my husband, you ask? Oh he's out drinking with my brother.  At a beer festival at the fair grounds no less.  I encouraged him to take a night off with him having to take the brunt of Aubrey with this job change.  They ride the 45 minute commute together both ways, and this week he'll be on his own for 3 nights as I'm traveling to Texas for work.  Austin, Texas.  First time in the Lone Star State and well...hopefully my last.  It takes all I have in me to bring my Democrat butt down there.  (Ha, sorry, I kid, I kid...)  Anyway, he'll be on major Daddy duty this week so he deserves that guy's night.  

I did make the mistake of taking Aubrey out in public on my own.  Let me just preface it by saying my kid is really really busy.  I mean all over the place and uber defiant and stubborn.  AND let me say that I have enormous respect for single moms especially those in the toddler phase.  Mad mad props for them.  We ventured out so I could get some books for the trip at Half-Priced Books, picking some up for her b-day, and then Target to get Daddy some Valentine's gifts.  Both times were....interesting.  I now understand why some people do the leash thing with their kids.  And then I also have a whole appreciation for sample day at Target.  "Look, Aubrey, eat these chips!"  That gives me about 5 minutes...but anyway, we came, we saw, we conquered.  But seriously, single parents?  You are super heroes.

I am completely rambling in this post so I'll wrap it up.  It's actually taken me like 4 hours to type it out.  So much for focusing.  I have a post to write about the new job and I love it, but I am too tired...and too focused on Gilmore Girls to type. 

The big difference in how I feel right now and how I felt when I used to do this before?  It's not even 10 p.m. and I could so go to bed...God, I'm old....

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