Monday, March 3, 2014

My book worm

You guys are so lucky - two Aubrey picture posts in a row!  This past weekend with the winter apocalypse that didn't happen but we all stayed inside because the weathermen told us to do so - we stayed inside and were fairly lazy, which is good because I do love getting some quality time with Aubrey.  And quality time with Aubrey usually entails one thing - reading.

Aubrey is a little bookworm, and Mommy hit the jack pot for her birthday with finding the Alpha Tales series that they read at school.  She is obsessed with these books.  They have 26 books, one for each letter, and she knows them all.  And I'm pretty sure we read them all.  Several times.

At one point I got in the fetal position saying "no more, no more!  Can't we read a different book?"  To which Aubrey leans down in my face with one of the Alpha Tales in her hand going "Mommy up!  Mommy up!  Affa tales?  Affa tales? Pwease?"  It's hard to say no to that, but it's also hard to stop laughing when that little face is in yours shoving a book in your face.  

She does like her Berenstein Bears, as well, but she calls them "Da Bears," so I'm wondering if she's a native Chicagoan or just a really big Bears fan.

I love that she loves to read.  I was a huge book worm (and yeah, one might call me a nerd) back in the day, and I would love to see her love books as much as I did.  I think she may already be there.

And it's March, folks!  So it's almost time for St. Patrick's Day!  And yes, Aubrey is wearing necklaces that say Jameson on them.  Don't judge.  

She's my little Irish rose, what can I say?


  1. Nothing better then a lover of books!! It's always funny to me that they enjoy the same ones over and over. What ever works!

  2. I remember KC loved these books that went, "Little (name your letter) has a box. He said, I will fill my box." And then proceeds to fill it with things that started with the letter. Soon after, I got him interested in my WWI picture histories. Believe me, they will make lasting memories, at least for you, mommy...


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