Monday, March 24, 2014

New beginnings

Today was Aubrey's first day at her new daycare.  I think both T and I were on edge about it all weekend.   She's gone to the daycare where she was since she was 8 weeks old. She had friends there....granted, friends she would hit and bite but still, she had friends there.  But after talking to T's uncle who is a licensed therapist mainly working with children, we were reassured more than we already were before that we were making the best decision for Aubrey by taking her out of that daycare.    My big concern was - what if the same thing happened at this daycare?  What happened then?  Therapy?  (T's uncle didn't seem to think so at all, but that is another post for another day.)

We've had to change up our routine a bit to get her to daycare and get Mommy to work on time. It requires getting up normally when I would work out in the morning but getting ready for work instead (thankfully my building offers a gym for lunch time).  The new place is just five minutes down the road and on my way to work, so we both headed there this morning to see her off.  And she did just fine.  And while she didn't nap during the day, the director said she just sat on her cot and rested, reading some books.  No biting, no hitting other kids, no tantrums, nothing.

Now, granted, I understand that not every day will be all rainbows and ponies, but it was a great start.  She seemed to have so much fun, and I loved the activities they had the kids do.  I also loved that they wrote a positive note about her day on the sheet we took home.  When we got home, I asked her "Aubrey, do you want to go back to your big girl school tomorrow?" and emphatically, she nodded her head.  

She was happy for the rest of the evening.  I read her some books and she kept kissing my arm and hugging me.  It's almost like she was thankful.  I cannot even remember the last time we picked her up from daycare and she had an incident-free day.  It's been months at that!

We made the right decision.  Seeing a happier Aubrey this evening just made that clearer and clearer.  It seems we found (and eliminated) the problem.


  1. HUGE relief for you, I bet!!! Hang in there. Change is SOOO hard. Harder on us, maybe? Kids are SO resilient!

  2. So happy to hear that Aubrey did great on her first day. As a parent, it is so hard to know whether what you're doing is the right thing. But that big smile will reassure you. Great job!


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