Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Girl's night

Sometimes a girl just needs an evening with her girlfriends.  Don't get me wrong - T is fabulous company.  But he's not a girl.  (Stating the obvious, hence the reason why Aubrey is here...)  I used to do girls' nights all the time pre-Aubrey, but since her arrival in February 2012, those evenings have kind of gone to the back burner but for good reason.  I love the time I spend with Aubrey, and then after she goes to sleep, I cherish what little time T and I have with some peace and quiet and no kid yelling "Mommy!  Mommy!  Boo boo! I have boo boo!" constantly.  But sometimes a girl does need times with her girlfriends.  
I got to hang out with one of my best friends C last night, finishing a bottle of wine and eating entirely too much Ghiradelli chocolate than I needed or should have had.  But it was fun and refreshing, and as C said this morning for a brief moment we took a break from being Mommies.  And I say that not in the bad way because I love being a Mommy, but it is nice to just be Nain every now and then.  
So here's to those girls' nights where you laugh about the stupidity you had in undergrad, joke about family events, talk boys and pretty much nothing at all or at least nothing of intellectual substance.  It is nice to have that refresher so that I can treat myself, have a little fun and wake up ready to get back to my main roles as wife and Mommy.  
Thanks, C, for having me over!

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