Monday, May 19, 2014

From the mouths of babes

The age of two...well, it sucks.  I'm not a fan.  Terrible twos are called terrible twos for a reason, and wow, Aubrey sure does not hold back.  However, for a brief period of time there are moments where she absolutely cracks me up.  So if you're needing a laugh this fine Monday - here you go.  Aubrey, our own comedic routine:

The dinner debate:
"I want yogurt" Aubrey
"You need to eat something else - what about spaghetti?" Me
"I want yogurt"
"Fish sticks?"
"I want yogurt."
"Who's on first?"

Aubrey in church:
"Jesus!" (Pointing to the crucifix on the altar)
"Shh, yes, honey that's Jesus."
"Oh no, Mommy, Jesus big boo-boo on foot!" (Loudly enough so our entire section at the church could hear)
"Yes, honey, Jesus has a big boo-boo on his foot.  Now be quiet"

Heading out to daycare - 
Me (muttering) "God, lady, just go!"
Sitting there in silence, waiting for cars to pass.
Aubrey:  "LADY! GO! UGH!"

Trying to be about as quiet as humanly possible, I tiptoe past Aubrey's door after emptying the dryer (laundry room is right next to her room). Dead silence until I hear a sudden "Hi Mommy!" from under the door. Scared the living crap out of me.

Working on potty training - 
We sit Aubrey on the potty, as she holds her butterfly and puppy. She looks down: "Pee-pee, come out!"
She then holds butterfly down there and says in a much higher pitch "Pee-pee, come out!"
Then grabs puppy and in a very deep voice: "Pee-pee, come out!"

Yep she will kill me some day for sharing that story when she has friends over.

I love her, though.  Like that book "Olivia" - She sure wears me out, but I love her a lot."


  1. Oh my word!! Hahahaha!! :'D Yeah she's going to kill you, but tonight that made me laugh so hard!!

  2. That was several laughs I needed!


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