Friday, July 4, 2014

Five years

Five years ago today, this happened....

Tim popped the big question on an unusually chilly and rainy 4th of July.  It literally poured all day, but neither of us cared.  He took me to the Monument downtown and asked me if I could be his other half forever.  It took me maybe one instant to say yes.  And I still firmly say that it was the easiest answer to the biggest question ever.  Five years has passed since that beautiful day.  Today we will be heading back downtown as we have down every year since (minus last year) and will take Aubrey to this special place.  Sure, she has no idea what "engaged" means, and sure, if we continue this tradition, it might become annoying to her as she gets older does not matter.  If Mommy had never said yes, she would not be here.  Five years has brought us to where we are now.  

It does not feel like it has been five years.  Yet so much has happened since then.  We've gotten married, built a house and started a family. We have created an extremely blessed and wonderful life.  All from that simple yet so important question.  

I love you, T!  I would say yes again - over and over and over again!

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