Saturday, August 23, 2014

Goodbye Facebook

I got off Facebook.  For the second time, but I am pretty sure this time will be for good at least for quite a while.  Forever?  Quite possibly.

It’s a good tool to keep in touch with friends and family.  I loved getting to see pictures of everyone and see what people are doing in life, friends I have not seen in years.  But the cons kind of outweigh the pros.  Facebook is a drama starter.  It just is.  I have read somewhere that Facebook is a huge contributing factor to marriages ending, friendships ending, what have you.  T has been off of the thing since one month after Aubrey was born and he hasn't looked back.  Granted he would look over my shoulder occasionally to see the stupid crap people put on there, making fun of it.  I’m sure some of it is out of morbid curiosity, which honestly is what makes Facebook so appealing.  Who knows…

We went to a concert the other night and it was kind of pathetic looking around at all of the people who are clearly with someone or a group of people and are glued to their smart phones.  No interaction and you know damn well what they are doing.  Some sort of social medium.  I found it has even become a topic of conversation.  You know when you are talking about Facebook rather than things that really matter, you may have a problem.  That’s partly where I was.

I would say why I got off of it, but I will keep the real reason to myself.  It does kind of suck that I had to resort to that because I do want to stay in touch with people who live long distance from me.  A quick Facebook hello can be much easier than an email, but it is not worth it at the moment.  Things you put on Facebook will quickly get turned around on you, bastardized and then thrown in your face.  Over statements that start out as innocent statements.  A person reads into that, a person reads your Facebook posts and reports them to another individual.  I understand that privacy is a moot concept when it comes to social media, but at the same time, some sort of line should be drawn.  However, rather than deal with that, I’m just taking a step back.  I want to continue blogging, and my Pinterest addiction lives on, of course.  I still have yet to understand what LinkedIn really does exactly, but hey, I will keep it.  I doubt someone would really read into what you post on LinkedIn. Maybe they would, but it would not be as easy.

I know so many people say “oh, I’m not on Facebook (insert I’m better than you) and that’s totally not why I did it.  I just do not like how others around me were using my own Facebook activity.  That and at some point, I just have to take a step back and get some privacy.  What about some of you? I would be curious as to other thoughts on social media because it certainly has changed life as we know it.  


  1. 1- Be careful of how you use it. 2- Don't allow yourself to get sucked into crap you don't want to be sucked into. 3- If you don't like what someone says, unlike 'em. "Better to cast away your eye..." and all. 4- Remember that anything you like ends up on your friends' page, and anything they like ends up on yours. 5- Anyone you argue with has already made up their minds- if you want to just state your position, state it and walk away. If they don't like it and get snotty, remember #3. 6- The world won't crumble if you think you'd be better off without FB.

    On another note... I don't know if it's just me or what, but whenever I come to your page, I can see your text for about 1/2 a second, then the background dots cover everything. Usually if I hit refresh, they'll go away. Tonight, after several attempts, I just ended up highlighting the text so I could see it, and after about a paragraph and a half, the dots went away. I don't think they like me...

  2. I love social media. I have met some amazing people not in person people) that have become friends. People that I will hep and support and totally meet up with whenever possible. I don't partake in drama and i am a firm believer in blocking people. I love instagram nd i dont care whose account you are posting on, if you are rude im reporting you. I do see it and understand why you woukd choose to delete it. Out of all social media its the one i use the least.


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