Monday, August 25, 2014

Potty humor

We are in the middle of potty training Aubrey, and it is never without its dull moments.  Like most milestones with Aubrey (crawling, walking…) things are moving slowly, which really means she knows how to do it but will do it on her own time.  (No idea where she gets this stubborn thing!)  So as you can imagine a lot of topics of discussion at the Nain and T household are around the potty.  I very rarely go to the bathroom, er, I mean potty, now without company.  It is kind of nice, though, because I cannot remember the last time someone cheered for me when I went to the bathroom.  Go, Mommy!

She is also into the poop and farting thing.  In that respect, I suppose she is a lot like her Daddy.  She’ll fart in the bath tub and go “oh, big fart!”  And they don’t smell like roses, let me tell you.

As gross as it is, too, she insists on seeing her poopy pull-ups before I throw them out.  She has to see it.  So disgusting.  But I’ll tip the thing up so she can see her “accomplishment” and she always goes “oh, BIG poop!  I did that!”  Yep.  Good for you, kid.  You took a giant dump!

She’s also somewhat of an old man in her routine.  We will put her down for nap, and never fails – she’ll poop.  She does this at daycare, too, apparently.  So I’ll stall whatever it is I want to do during her “naptime” and wait about 20 minutes only to go back in there.  Sunday, however, she did not fall asleep even after that first change.  I come in her room to discover Axl Rose had destroyed the place, clothes everywhere, and she somehow managed to pull her overnight diapers from the dresser and they were everywhere.  The dresser, mind you.  Four drawer dresser.  I have no clue how that feat was accomplished, but I imagine it took a great deal of determination. 

I come in her room and lean to her level.  “Aubrey, are you poopy again?”  She looks at me ever-so-serious “I do one, two poops!  BIG poops!”  Dead serious face, counting with her fingers.  It is so hard to not just crack up in times like these.  I mean, I do, but still, I don’t want her to think we’re not taking her seriously. 

But hey, she took one…two…BIG poops, guys.  And of course, she did have to admire her work afterwards.  That’s my kid!

We’ll just chalk this up to something that will embarrass the hell out of her when she is older.  

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  1. This may sound odd, but odd situations, odd measures- perhaps you should show her that when mommy poops, her stuff stays clean. Make the big deal out of that, and see if it helps. But, whadda I know? I'm 23 years from where you are.


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