Monday, September 1, 2014

Blessed weekend

We’re wrapping up this much-needed long weekend, and I am telling you I could so go for just one more day.  Not just one more day with a child in my presence, however, but just one more day.  Of sleep.  Glorious sleep.

We had T’s family down from Michigan this weekend, and any time family visits is always a super fun time but also exhausting.  Aubrey was in heaven seeing her Grandpa and Nana, and I’m not going to lie…it was nice having someone to entertain the kid every now and then, though Mommy was still in high demand.  We even met up with my parents at a local winery for an Irish band concert and wine, so Aubrey was spoiled by both sets of grandparents.  The parents stuck around for a fire pit that night, so it was a lot of good bonding time with the parents and children.

I love watching how close Aubrey is with both of her grandparents.  I want her to have that good relationship like I did with my own grandparents.  So it makes my heart so happy to see her loving all over her grandparents.  She was in her element, too.  The kid was so hyper it was ridiculous.  At one point I considered putting a stake in the grass outside and tethering her so she could just run around and get the energy out.  In that respect, it will be good to have things get back to normal with school and what not. 

It is funny because I imagine T’s parents were more than ready to leave come Monday evening.  They love Aubrey, I know, but they also do not live with a toddler full-time.  I am guessing they longed for that peace and quiet, no matter how much they love spending time with her. 

I do feel blessed T and I have good relationships with both sets of parents, and I know we are lucky in what we have.  It really makes you step back and just realize what you have through these little moments like watching your daughter hug your mom or hold her Nana’s hand as she walks to the car.  Or tell her Grandpa to stop hammering because his hammering noise was scaring her pee pee as she sat on the potty.  Or watching her lay her head on my dad’s lap after a busy and warm afternoon outside.  It is those moments. 

Or it is those moments where she gives you a big hug and tells you “you’re my friend.”  Those moments are pretty damn good too.  

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  1. I knew my grandparents for 0 years, 6 years, 8 years (all bedridden), and 12 years. So I know that Aubrey appreciates the time she is getting with them.


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