Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the Wiggle house

I was doing so well with writing posts!  Darn it, what happened?  Oh right.  Life.  Anyway, a lot has happened since I last posted.  One of those being we got free tickets from Aubrey's daycare and got to see....

Yep, that's right.  The Wiggles!  Me, Nain - the person who never in a million years thought she would go to something like this - voluntarily went into an auditorium of toddlers dancing to kid's music.  But I did it for her, because this face was worth it:

Dude, she was excited.  When we first told her that she was going to see the Wiggles, I'm not sure she understood until we got there and they actually came out on stage.

Did you guys know that they have a girl Wiggle now?  And she's pretty talented, too.  I have to admit they did put on a good show.  This concert was not one of those either where they make you wait and go on stage like 30 minutes late.  Nope, not when you are dealing with toddlers.  You start on time and end before 8:00.

She was mesmerized, especially during the ballerina part where the girl Wiggle (Emma) and another ballerina danced.  I'm thinking someone is going to be a ballerina for Halloween.  She loved it.

It was a weeknight, and logistically with T coming from Columbus and me working downtown with the concert being at 6:30 downtown, it was a nightmare but we pulled it off and it was SO worth it just to see her smile like this.

So Aubrey has been to her first concert and the young age of two, and it was so much fun.  If only I could stop singing the damn songs now..

Fruit salad!  Yummy Yummy!


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