Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My movie virgin

My husband must have never watched movies growing up.  Seriously, he has seen pretty much nothing.  Ever.  I knew this going into our relationship, but sometimes it just hits me just how sheltered from movies he has been.

The man has never seen the Wizard of Oz or any part of Gone with the Wind.  Granted, Gone with Wind is not exactly a “guy” movie, but still it’s a classic.  Shawshank Redemption?  Never seen it.  Hell, the movie is played all the time on TBS or TNT on weekends, isn't it? Granted, I know that most of our weekend time is spent watching Disney or Sprout PBS, but still….did he ever watch TV or movies in high school or college?

None of the Oceans 11 series.  I was the one who introduced him to Airplane! when we first started dating.

The other night we were watching Dancing with the Stars (well, no, I was watching it and T was begrudgingly trying to ignore it), and the theme was movie night.  One of the movies featured was Ghost.  He had never even heard of it. 

Tommy Chong (yes, of Cheech and Chong) danced to a “Scent of a Woman” theme.  This is my husband’s response:

“What is this movie? Does the woman smell? What is this movie about?”

I turn and stare at him, not responding.

The one that shamed me the most was Back to the Future one.  The actress who played Loraine, the main character’s mom, is on the show so of course she danced to “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis. T starts making fun of the song: “What movie plays Huey Lewis and the News?” “T, it’s in the movie – very important.” So I try explaining who she is and what the movie’s plot was as T gives me a blank stare. 

“Have you ever seen the movie?”


“But wait, you laughed at my cousin’s joke about the DeLorean. That’s a movie reference. Did you get it?”

“I knew it was in the movie.”

“Yeah but you can’t laugh at a movie reference when you don’t even know what it’s about.”

Then I turn to him and ask “what kind of bomb shelter did you grow up in? Did you even own a TV? Did you leave the house?”

I’m not sure he can be saved. I thought we could make a list and check-off movies as we see them, but I am not even sure there’s enough time to handle such a task. It’s insurmountable. 


  1. How about that? Someone who's seen fewer movies than me!

  2. Omg I can't even! I pretty much quote movies that parallel my real life all the time. How in the world has he lived without seeing back to the future? You must get the dvd's and make sure you watch the outtakes because some of Michael J Fox's scenes are hilarious.


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