Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm not going to lie....I'm working on this blog post thinking "what in God's name am I going to write?"  Because seriously, my motivation is lacking this week.  I'm exhausted, and well, in turn, I'm not wanting to do much.  Hence, the lack of a post yesterday.   So instead, I am going to copy Chloe from My New Life as a  Housewife and participate in the "Currently" post she did this morning.  (Thanks Chloe!  I needed the inspiration today!)
Current Playlist - my Pandora station, which includes Kate Voegele and Adele, as well as a number of my other favorite artists
Current nail polish - none on my finger nails, but I am using the coral stone color from Mary Kay on my toe nails, and it's super cute.  And what would you know, I sell it, too? 
Current drink - I'm currently drinking coffee with hazelnut creamer in it - hoping it kicks in the energy soon!
Current food - dried cherries!  I don't know why but I am seriously craving these lately.  I could eat a whole bag of them at one time, but that would be know, for obvious reasons...
Current TV show - Parks and Recreation
Current wish list - I don't know...I already have everything I need :-)  I guess maybe some time off would be nice...
Current triumphs - hiring a new attorney for our office, moving into our new house,'s all I can think of :-)
Current banes of my existence - not being able to catch up on my sleep, dealing with annoying contractors, not having enough money
Current celebrity crush - John Stewart - I heart him :-)
Current blessings - T, my family, my health and our new home
Current outfit - jeans, an orange flowy shirt, white sweater and bronze long necklace
Current mood - really really tired and a little cranky
Sorry for my not-so-cheery post this morning...I will try harder tomorrow :-)  Promise.


  1. This is a great idea, especially for those of us with writer's block - um.. ME! I'll have to work on this one tonight unless I get inspired to procrastinate at work and do it. :-)

    And totally agree with you on Parks and Rec! LOVE Leslie and Ben!!!!

  2. Love Parks and Rec, Jon Stewart, and dried cherries. With the way you write about how you're exhausted and craving things, people may start to wonder if you're preggers. :-)

  3. haha
    Glad I inspired you! :)
    Oh, not having enough money... why does it sound sooo familiar??

  4. Hi Girlie!
    It's Jen (I use to be over at I switched over to blogger and have started blogging regularly! I wanted to thank you for always reading and commenting on my old blog. I have been reading yours since day 1!
    I know you are taking a week off from blogging so I am looking forward to when you come back. :)
    My new blog address is if you want to check it out. <3


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