Monday, June 6, 2011

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Sorry I wasn't around last week for a Motivation Monday....but, I'm back!  And motivated...whoo! 

Thank you to Amber LaShell for still participating - you rock, and if you haven't checked it out already, cheer her on with her goals she is reaching.

I'm trying my best to stay motivated this week.  We have two training appointments this week, and I must admit, but our last personal training appointment totally kicked my butt.  I mean really kicked my butt.  Our trainer has some kind of boot camp mentality, but it's good because it kicks me in the butt to work hard.   It's hard because I'm not always seeing results (despite the fact that T repeatedly tells me that I am), but I want to keep it up.  So I need to stay motivated this week.

Another thing I need to do to stay motivated?  I need to stay on task.  I'm seriously  having a hard time doing that.  I went to a training session for Mary Kay last week, and one of the ladies said she makes a "to do" list in a notebook every day to keep herself on track for her business and other goals.  So I'm going to try that....we'll see how it goes!

So what's your motivation this week?  Share your post by commenting to this post and copying and pasting your link!


  1. To Do Lists work, except for me, there is always one or more that doesn't get crossed out!


  2. I talked about going work out motivation today too! I need some in the worst way. I also need to get back to planning. As in to do lists myself. I used to be so good at that and it really helps. I am going to start today. Thanks for the motivation Nain!

    Now drop and give me 20!!!! Ewrah!

  3. Hey Nain! I took a break from Small Treasure Tuesdays last week too, I understand :-) One thing that helps me to see results (as well as my sisters for Reasons to Lose) is to measure inches. Measure around your neck, your arms, your legs and thighs, measure your hips and waist. It seriously helps! You should try it.

    I need to start writing to-do lists, because I constantly get of course!

    Here's my post:

  4. Training has to be hard, and I bow to you for even getting out there in the heat or cold and running. You go girl! Thanks for giving me a shoutout, that is awesome!

    Here is mine from this week...


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