Friday, May 13, 2011

I think I've lost it....

FINALLY am able to get back on blogger today!  So yes, I am alive.  And no, I haven't really gotten the peace I've needed, but I am very well on my way.  I've had to make some really tough decisions at work this week and have been faced with challenges I've never faced before, but...I'm happy to report that...the week is over.  (Small blessings, right?)  Has the bad stuff come and gone?  Not yet.  And it will be bad when it happens, but...I'm praying that everything will work out right. 
Out of pure exhaustion there have been a few nights where I have lost my mind and found the oddest things funny...
Last night, for some reason, I kept singing that "Milkshake" song.  Over and over again.  I forget who sings it, but, it was in my mind.  I sang in the shower, I sang it while I was making the bed.  I sang it while T was getting ready for bed.  And I then interrupted him in conversation to say "Oh hey, guess what? My milkshake?  Yeah, it brings all the boys to the yard."  To which he responds "well, that's nice."  I told him I could teach him.  But I would likely have to charge. 
The moment where I know I've lost it was last weekend.  See, the weathermen in our area really hype up the severe storms.  And I mean really hype it up.  Dramatic music in commercials, kids woken up out of their beds in the middle of the night, frightened families huddled together in the basement.  And then comes the weatherman.  So I took to making it all gangsta..."Aw, yeah, it's Chris Wright in the mutha-effing house!  We've got some severe wizzeatha in this biznitch!  Tornadoes, what what?  With Chuck "My Pimp Hand is Strong" Loften and Nicole "I'll cut a bitch" Mizineck."  So I'm standing there in the kitchen making up these things while T is washing the dishes, the only person laughing is me.  And I kept laughing.  Until I couldn't catch my breath.  And honestly, as I write this now, I'm still laughing.  I've hit my wall people.  It's official.  I've lost my damn mind. 


  1. I do things like that on a fairly regular basis. I crack myself up all the time. It's sad, really.

  2. I love this. Seriously. and love you of course. Come to my house. I'll laugh with you. Because I do this to Will too ;-)

  3. Ah losing ones mind can be quite entertaining. I've never understood why no one thinks I'm nearly as funny as I think I am. I just tell them to come on in the water's fine!

    Here's to hoping the bad isn't too bad when it comes. You're in my prayers. Catch ya on the funny farm.

  4. Hahaha! this so reminds me of myself! We all go a little crazy sometimes, I dare say it's normal ;-P


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