Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Treasuring the little things

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means?  Small Treasure Tuesdays with Chantel!  Unfortunately, I'm not feeling so cheery today so I'm not one for this big happy post.  (Sorry, guys...)  I have a few things on my mind with work and such, so I'm struggling with that today.  However, last week I talked about the small things that make my day, inspired by the guy who wrote "The Book of Awesome."  So rather than fake myself through a happy go lucky post, I'm going to remind myself of those things that, well....are pretty damn awesome in my book....

Watching Dancing with the Stars (I love this show)

Enjoying a nice walk outside in our new neighborhood

The sun actually shining for once (I'm tired of the rain!)

A nice glass of wine after a long day

Sleeping in (I hope to do this this weekend since the mini-marathon training is over)

Singing at the top of your lungs to a really cheesy 80s song while in the car.  (We're talking Chicago, Journey....you name it...)

A hug from T no matter how rough my day was

So those are the little things that are making me smile this week.  And they are the small things that keep me going, and that's all that matters.  Stop by Chantel's blog and see what other small treasures people have to share this week....



  1. Good list :)
    Hugs are always awesome!

  2. Hugs are instant balm for any rough day. I will never shrug off a hug from John or Sprite.

  3. It's the little things that are the "good" you have to find each day to get you through. Glad you reminded yourself of some. :-)

  4. I'm sending you a virtual hug, and I;m also sending positive vibes and prayers your way. Everything will work out :)

    That is a great list, and thank you so much for linking up! I always appreciate it


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