Monday, May 2, 2011

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!  So this is it...this weekend is the race I've been training for....the biggie, the race to end all races (Okay, maybe just a tad dramatic, but...)  This Saturday, T will be running and I will be walking 13.1 miles in the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  And I'm totally nervous.  I'm just hoping I finish.

So that's my motivation this week...I need motivation for this weekend and get myself ready physically, but more importantly, mentally, to do this race.  Half of the battle is the mental part, so I'm going to go to my "Zen" place in my head, which is usually a pub in Dublin with a pint of Guinness, and I'm going to keep that image in my mind as I walk those long 13.1 miles.  Because, let's face it, that's a long freaking way.  So think positive thoughts for T and myself as we count the days down to this huge goal we've been working towards since January. 

So that's my motivation...what's yours?  You know the drill, just write about whatever it is that is motivating you...whether that be to wear matching socks each day...or to remember to brush your teeth each day...or remember to hit the garage "open" button before backing out of the garage...(wait, that wasn't anyone else?  Just me?  Oh.  Okay...)  Whatever that maybe that you need to motivate you, write that post, link it up to my blog using that adorable button to your right, and comment to this post by copying and pasting your link in the comment.  It's SO easy and all of the cool kids are doing it. 

Now let's get motivated!


  1. Sending positive thoughts your way, Nain!! :)
    I'm sure you'll do a great job!! As always!

    Here's my link!

    Happy Monday, sweetie!

  2. So exciting!!! I can't believe you are already here!!

  3. Here's my post.

    I have every confidence in you! I know you can do it!

  4. You can do it! Good luck - I'll be thinking about you this weekend.


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