Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today you're getting one very tired Nain.  Sorry there was no Motivation Monday post yesterday - we were en route back home from Michigan, and I never had the chance to pre-post one for Monday.  But thank you to Amber LaShell who is so dedicated she already wrote one!
So I don't do very well in long car rides.  Towards the end of them, I start to lose it just a little bit and get stir crazy.  So for me, this included:
Serenading T by singing into my ballpoint pen to the Pretenders song "I'll Stand By You."  Lyrics and expressive hand motions and all.
Trying to draw on T's arm while he was driving
Drawing on both of our McDonald's soft drink lids with said ballpoint pen.
Deciding that I was going to ride with my feet on the dash like all of the other drivers we saw out there, except I put both feet up.  Which just made me look like I was in stirrups at the gyno office.
Telling T that the person in the car next to us, who similarly had her foot up was my foot sister.  We shared a kindred bond. 
While driving along, a Dr. Dre old school song came on and I start singing along.  But when the lyrics "The doctor gonna check yo ass" came on, I suddenly jolted back to reality and go "oh shit, that reminds me!  I need to call my gynecologist!" 
Bothering T by getting fingerprints all over his new Droid phone, and when he acted like that bothered him, licking the phone just because I could. 
I'm sure I drove him crazy in many many other ways, and he'll get to enjoy it more because we're back up in Michigan in 3 weeks.  More long car rides - how am I ever going to be able to take it all?
Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!


  1. The only thing that would have pissed me off is the feet on the dash thing. My best friend did that in my car once and I immediately lost it. I don't care how pretty someone's pedicure is. Feet do not belong on the dash.

  2. I usually just sleep. Or catch up on my reading...but annoying the hubby sounds so much more fun!!

  3. I hope it's a good tired after a great Memorial Day weekend.

  4. Hey, that's cool! You went to two of my former homes, Vegas and Michigan. It makes me want a vacation really, really bad. I'll be booking a flight to Michigan, though. Too far to drive.

  5. Sounds like something Hubby and I do while we're on long road trips! A good time had by all, but in your case, perhaps just you and not T? lol


  6. So funny!
    Nain you're just great!!!
    I usually just sleep or sing. That's all.
    I'm a boring person.


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