Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome friends!

So I decided to start from the beginning, our front door.  We loved this house plan because it has a very spacious front entrance, and the front hall opens up to the second floor, too.  This is a picture looking down the hall to the front door:

If you look up, you see this huge light fixture our builder gave us, as well as the overlook for the second floor.

And since we're Irish, of course, one of the first things you have to see coming into our home is an Irish blessing:
We haven't had the chance to entertain family or friends yet, so you, my blog friends, are the first to view our home.  Enjoy!  I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures!
And because our new home is a treasure, I'm linking this up to Chantel's Small Treasure Tuesdays!



  1. YAY! How exciting!!
    My front door is similar to yours!
    But my hall is smaller haha
    Can't wait to see the rest of pictures!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I should do some tour too, but can't find the time to do it!! :/

  2. That's funny, I was all geared up for a whole house tour, oh well, i will stay tuned... :)

  3. That is a beautiful front entrance. I dream of having something like that one day.

  4. More pics please! LOL, we've been waiting for these. Again congrats on your new home!

  5. i am so excited for you! it's got to be great to finally be in!

    P.s. You have an award at my place


  6. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics! I love entryways like that: spacious, not carpeted, natural light flooding in. Looks great!

    One day I hope to have one like it ;-)
    Thanks for linking up!


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