Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh, Amy Winehouse....

Moment when you know you've lost it:

T and I come back from the gym, and when I was working out with my personal trainer, they were playing Amy Winehouse's "Rehab," so the song was in my mind.  I kept singing "try to make me go to rehab, and I said, no, no, no..."  Then I decided to change it to "try to make me go to rehab and I said f*#k you mother-effers!  T looks at me and goes, what?  To which I start laughing hysterically because, well, I crack myself up.   So I kept singing it.  Over and over again. 

I think at some point he just ignored me or was staring at me thinking I lost my freaking mind as I would sing a verse and start laughing hysterically.  I managed to calm myself down and start heating up dinner (leftovers...go us!)

I calm myself down, but then I decided to explain myself.  So I turn to T and go "so this thing with Amy Winehouse..."  He starts laughing, but I go on, "you know, if someone was trying to make me go to rehab, I wouldn't just say ", no, no..."  I'd actually fight back, you know?" 

"I mean, I'd at least be more like Lindsay Lohan and fight it.  If I were a true crack whore, I wouldn't take that 'advice' so lightly." 

I then started going on variations on the song with other expletives that I would say if someone tried to make me go to rehab. 

Later that night, I entertained T with my rendition of "Hold on" by Wilson Phillips. 

I think I need a break or something.  Nain's officially cracked.  TGIF!



  1. Something tells me Amy's real life version of the song was more like your version... ;-)

    And "Hold On"? Whoa, taking me back here. Now I need to listen to it right now. This is why I love YouTube.

    What other songs have you, uh, rewritten? ;-)

  2. LOL! Hubby and I, when we want to drive each other insane, we try and put songs in each other's ones that won't go away for like a month.

    It's painful!


  3. Amy Winehouse scares me.... she a little too gangsta for me lmfao

  4. I had that song going through my head last week and thought "I bet she said more than a quiet 'no, no no." I'm sure there were expletives." I have to admit I wish she'd get her life together, she has such a unique voice and talent.

    Now as to going crazy, I think it is wonderful that you crack yourself up! I do too! LOL.

  5. BAHAHA!
    You're hilarious!!!
    I think you need to go to rehab... ;)


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