Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are you the master of your universe?

We're back from our little trip down to French Lick, Indiana, stopping by a few other sites on the way home, and I had the best of intentions last night that I was going to load my pictures from our trip last night but mother nature had other plans.  We spent a great portion of our evening huddled down in our guest bathroom because we were under what felt like the longest tornado warning ever, and we don't have a basement so...internal bathroom it was!  It was really scary, actually.  I was legitimately frightened, which is saying something considering I grew up in what was called "tornado alley."  A funnel cloud was spotted about a mile from our house, and ironically, we were at our church festival right where the cloud was spotted about five minutes before we got home and before it was spotted.  Too close for my comfort, but we survived it.  So enough of that...I have other things to blog about. 

So I've been thrown a challenge today by Square Peg in a Round Hole, and I'm always up for a challenge.  Game on, baby.  The question is what six things are you the master of, and then you tag six bloggers you like and read regularly....of course, when I saw "master of" I thought immediately of that Seinfeld episode where they were trying to see who could remain the master of their domain, but I won't make my blog post rated-R here we go:

1.  I am the master of multi-tasking.  My mind goes about a million miles a minute, and I'm constantly thinking of about twenty different things at once.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe it's adult onset ADHD, but, I don't know...needless to say, when I'm at work, I'm working on about six different cases and two court dockets at once.  I freeze up my Internet explorer with how many windows I'll keep open at once.  And cleaning?  I start the bathroom, get distracted and throw in some laundry, then take down picture frames to start dusting, then come back and clean the sink, then vacuum, then finish the shower...I'm all over the place, but I can get it done in like 60 minutes, and that includes every single room, every aspect of the house.  I'm tiring myself out just typing this. 

2.  I am totally the master of worrying.  I worry about everything.  It's my craft.  Heck, you don't get tested for an ulcer at the ripe age of 10 without being born a worrier.  And then I worry about worrying.  Or worrying too much.  I could worry about whether you guys are judging me for being such a worrier, too, if I wanted.  In my line of work, working in child protective services, worrying is not a good thing to do because you end up taking too much home with you, means I care, right?  It's a miracle of loaves and fishes that I haven't given myself an actual ulcer yet, though people have laid bets...I thought it'd be 2nd year of law school, but I outlasted that one.  (Ha!)  Now I'm worried whether I've written too much about worrying...hmmm...

3.  My kitchen.  It's my domain.  I love to cook.  I'm no Rachel Ray, but I love to experiment, and I'm happiest when I'm in my kitchen cooking T a good dinner.  It gives me great pleasure to see him enjoy a meal.  I don't know why, I just love it.  My grandma was a big cook, and I used to sit by the kitchen counter and watch her just throw a meal together with no recipe, and I hope someday that my grandchildren will do the same.  It's too much fun...I just love it. 

4.  Loving my family.  We're a close knit bunch, and that now includes T, as we are now our own family.  I love them all with all of my heart, and there isn't a thing I wouldn't do for them.  If you get me talking about my nieces or nephews, you can't shut me up because I am so proud of all of them and love them a lot.  The same goes with T.  I bring him up to people ALL the time. It probably gets old, but I just love him so much. 

5.  Cursing.  Now, I don't do it much on my blog, but it's one of my bad bad habits.  I curse like a sailor, and it's bad.  I know it's bad.  If you get me behind the wheel during Friday afternoon rush hour traffic in downtown Indy, I think I say just about every word you can think of.  I'm really trying to work on it, as when I know we have kids, I do not want those words coming out of my children's mouths so I know I need to learn to stop it, but I do have it down to a fine art.  Shame on me. 

6.  Quoting movies or TV shows.  I have the innate ability to recall stupid movie quotes and use them in random situations.  I think I've already detailed that my favorite movie is Airplane! So I could probably quote that one verbatim, but my other favorites are Anchorman, Dodgeball, Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles to name a can get annoying at times, but it entertains me :-)  And lightens up a good situation. 

OK, so there you have it...and now I get to pick six blogs I read to take up the task here.  You all should definitely check them out:

1.  Check out Mrs. D at Life of a Doctor's Wife.  I love the humor she puts into her posts and reading about her husband's quirks, as my fiance' has many similar ones of his own.  Gotta love the nerds, right?

2.  Archives of Our Lives - Camille also has an incredible sense of humor in her posts, too, which I love, and I love to participate in her weekly Saturday Steals, so check her out!

3.  Helena at Life in the Pitts  is a new blog (well, new to me...) I've come across that I've really liked....she's creative with her posts and her blog design...something I could for sure use a little bit more of!  So check her out, too!

4.  I've read Crazy Love Gamble Style since I started blogging about a month ago, and Sarah has one of the cutest kids I have ever seen, aside from my own nieces and nephews, of course.  I love checking her blog to get my daily dose of cute kid...

5.  Meagan at Meagan gets her MRS inspires me to be a better bride because she totally has this wedding planning thing down.  I check her blog out to get ideas and be inspired and also because the pictures she posts each Wednesday are just awesome. 

6.  Last but definitely not least, Erika at Musings, Rambles, and Creative Expressions is one of my best friends from high school, and we go way back, and she, too, has a blog but hasn't updated hers in awhile, so maybe just maybe this will motivate her to do so :-)  She has some awesome crafts on here, and I've even used her services before in designing our Save the Dates.  So definitely check her out, too! 

OK, so now you six people have been tagged...what makes you the master of your universe?


  1. I'M FAMOUS! I feel like I will never be able to measure up to the mastery. Thanks!

  2. Me too! Thanks for including me!


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