Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Steals - Staycation in the City

On this week's installment of Saturday Steals from Archives of our Lives (doesn't this sound just like a soap opera?):

This weekend, T and I are celebrating two years of knowing each other...yes, I know, it's sappy, and this will likely be the last year we can do this as we will begin celebrating official anniversaries after this year, but we decided to just go for it this year. A few months ago, T got an email from The Omni Severon hotel stating that we qualified for a deal where we would get one night free if we reserved a night's stay at their hotel in downtown Indy. We've stayed there a couple of times before, and the place pretty much rocks. So of course we took the offer - I mean, 2 nights for the cost of 1? It would be like a little mini-vacation at a really awesome price! So we decided to pick this weekend for our stay so that we could have a little celebration and enjoy the weekend downtown. It's kind of nice because there's so much to do downtown, and I promise to regale you with stories of where we went and what we did, but for the weekend, T and I will not have anything pressing to do or place to go but just enjoy ourselves. With the stress of work and wedding planning, I welcome any break like this!

So yes, I'll be back with lots of pictures. Until then, have a happy Saturday everyone!


  1. 2-1 steals on hotels are awesome! And I love the Omni chain... it's always a safe bet! Congrats on a great steal!

  2. What a great deal! I can't wait for the pictures.


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