Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Random Tuesday Thoughts by Nain


So, it's Random Thoughts Tuesday, and that means it's one day closer to the weekend which is just fine by me.  As was the case last Tuesday, I'm feeling kind of random today, so please bear with me as I share my thoughts this morning:

OK, here in Indiana we have gotten severe thunderstorms pretty much every night.  We got another one last night, and I'm getting really tired of it to be honest.  I mean, it was not nearly as bad as Saturday's storm where T and I thought our house was going to be brought down by a tornado, but ever since Saturday and being stuck in our internal guest bathroom for 45 minutes under a tornado warning, I'm scared to death when I see any red on the radar in terms of storms.  They say we're supposed to get more tonight, and I say enough is enough.  No more, please go away now.  Thank you. 

So this morning, I was sitting there in our kitchen enjoying my Chocolate Cheerios when I hear on the Today Show that apparently Who's the Boss's Tony Danza has been teaching 10th grade English for the past year.  I have several questions about this...OK, first of all, why is this relevant news?  And when did Tony Danza get his education degree?  And when a student gets an answer right in his class, does he respond with an "Eh-oh!!!"  That piece of news coming from Anne Curry was one of the most random things I've heard this morning, but hey, to each his own, right?  Good for him that he's doing something other than annoying other people on TV...and apparently he loves it, so that's a good thing, right? 

I am amazed at how quickly this summer is passing me by.  And the more it passes by, the more I start freaking out about wedding planning.  T and I did order two other things for the big day last night...the unity candle and the groomsmen gifts.  I'm pretty excited about this because a  lot of thought was put into what we'd get.  All we need to do next is get the bridesmaid's gifts, our parents' gifts, and then something small but thoughtful for people who are helping out during the ceremony.  With that, I'm drawing a complete blank, so I am open to suggestions from you guys.  Also, last night, I checked out our registry, and people have started buying stuff!  How exciting, right?  I was kind of worried people would judge us for the random crap we registered for (yes, I know, on Sunday I told you I'm a master at worrying, and I totally didn' t lie about that), but it's kind of fun to check on what has been bought and stuff.    I just can't believe that as of this Friday, we only have three months to go.  Time is just passing by so quickly!

Lastly, I want to rave about one of my all-time favorite shows on TV right now.  Cake Boss.  It's Monday night on TLC at 9:00 p.m., and I love this show so much.  The cakes look so delicious, and Buddy's creativity with them is just awesome.  Plus, there's always the Italian family drama, and you can't beat that.  T always laughs when the show comes on because I just get in a better mood watching it.  It just makes me happy.   Last night, Buddy was making tiramisu, which is my favorite dessert ever, and to see Buddy make it was just breathtaking.  Apparently I couldn't hide my excitement either because T said when he started making it, my eyes just got really big and I got this huge smile on my face.  I can't help it.  I love Buddy.  And his cakes.  So if you haven't checked out the show, definitely watch it sometime.  It'll make you hungry, though!

Happy Random Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I saw the blurb on Tony Danza and was like really?! And man he is looking old! When did that happen?

  2. Apparently, VandyJ, over the last year! Not sure why it's news now, though...totally weird!

  3. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials :) You must be super excited!!!

  4. Happy marriage!

    You don't seem that stressed about the wedding. My wife stressed herself into pneumonia and horrible allergic reactions while planning ours.

    The best gifts are ones that have some personal relevance. But they're the hardest to think of.

  5. Man, registering is definitely something I do not miss. It was so stressful. But in the end, we mostly got gift cards, which is awesome because then you can use them to get the stuff on your registry- and it will be 25% off.


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