Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Steal

So my Saturday Steal isn't something I've bought but rather something we sold. Actually lots of things. We had our first successful garage sale today. We, meaning myself, T, and my sister.  My sister and Roo came down for a little slumber party, a cookout, ice cream and movies, and then today, we threw our stuff together and had a good old fashioned garage sale. (whooo-hoo!)

T and I are trying to get rid of some of the double items we had after we moved in together, and my sister wanted to sell some old furniture and kids clothes and toys. My sister has tried to sell all of this stuff for two weekends now with no success, in hopes of raising enough money to buy Roo a swing set. See, it's just my sister and Roo on their own, and they've moved into a new house this last winter. It's the first home my sister has owned, and they're so excited that Roo has a backyard finally to play in during the summer. However, they are seriously lacking in outdoor play equipment, as well as funds to purchase such items. She works hard to provide Roo with anything she needs, but since she's doing this all on her own, it can be a bit difficult. Since she's tried twice now with no success to raise money, she decided to give it one last attempt at our house before throwing in the towel.

T and I are trying to raise a little extra money for the honeymoon, so this was our first attempt at the whole garage sale thing. Truth be told, I was a bit nervous about it. The weather is predicted to be kind of crappy all weekend, and then there's that possibility that you wouldn't sell anything. It's kind of hit or miss.

So we compiled all of our stuff last night in the garage last night and tried to price items as best we could. I was pretty bad at it, kind of low balling everything, but my sister steered me in the right direction. We put up signs on Thursday, so we were hoping that people noticed. We actually had a lot of stuff, after we put everything together.

So this morning, T and I got up (letting Roo and my sister sleep) and opened up shop at 8:00 a.m. It's amazing how quickly people start coming, and man, do they haggle with prices! But I was wanting to get rid of as much stuff as possible, so if you had a decent enough price, I was willing to budge. I was so nervous that weren't going to make any money, and I was even more nervous that my sister wasn't going to have any success in getting funds for Roo's swing set. The price she needed to reach was $74.

And the exciting thing? We hit the $74 mark and more! I couldn't be more excited for Roo and my sister. They almost had double that amount, so it was a success! We must have provided all sorts of people with Saturday Steals because as the day went by, the amount of things in our garage went down more and more. It was a success! T and I walked away with $55 for Ireland, which is fine with me because we weren't expecting much if anything at all. I'm more excited than anything that Roo will be getting her swing set. My sister deserves a little help after all the hard work she does raising Roo as a single mom.
My sister had some clothes leftover from her sale items that I took, too, so I did end up having a few Saturday Steals of my own. We had a lot of fun, too. I know T and his new BFF did for sure. (I'm currently watching them play a game of ball, which involves rolling her sparkly ball over a few stuffed animals and DVD boxes. I don't get it but hey, they're having fun, right?)

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. Hi!!
    Thanks for your comment!!
    Wow! You did sell lots of SATURDAY STEALS!!
    I'm glad you got $55 and more than $74 for your sister!! :)

  2. Well done on Saturday for your garage sale. I am (sadly) an expert at yard sales - my parents threw a lot of them, and I have since thrown about 5 on my own. I swore this year was the last one, though! Yeah right - with kids stuff, there is always something to sell. Whenever my husband questions whether someone would actually buy an item I want to sell, I just remind him that my mom sold a used toilet seat at a yard sale for $1. You just never know!

  3. WONDERFUL!! I'm so happy for your sister, and for you guys for making a little extra dough! Thanks for participating.


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