Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home sweet home

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!  It's been a crazy week, needless to say, as T and I adjust to life at home as parents.  But we are, in fact, home.  We had thought we were going to be released on Sunday but they let us go home on Day 3 (Saturday) so that was a nice surprise.  Honestly, I was going stir crazy being in the hospital.  The whole being checked on every 2 hours was driving me crazy, and hospital beds?  Totally not comfortable.  Hospital food?  Not so great.  So we got to go home on Saturday the time we got home, though, both Aubrey and I were beat.

To keep with the monkey theme, we decided to dress her in her little monkey outfit to get home.  She managed to keep this on until we got home...when she prompty spit up all over her cute outfit.  But, we got to take a few pictures first!

So we loaded her up in her car seat and waited for transportation to take us to our car.  I think it's so funny how tiny she looks in her car seat, but, it was approved officially by the hospital!

That car ride was the longest ever.  T drove about as carefully as possible, and I was never more aware of how many bumps were in the road.  But she barely stirred and remained asleep even when got home.

Both Mommy and Aubrey were happy to be home!  And ready for our two and half hour nap we both took shortly after we got home.

Life at home has been pretty sweet for little Miss Aubrey.  She gets to sleep, relax, and eat as much as she wants.  She's become a big fan of her chair....

But her most favorite place to sleep?  Relaxed with Mommy...and trust me, I'm good with this too.  

I'll try my very best to post more often!  And add pictures as we take them!



  1. Oh that is just precious!! So glad you are at home and relaxing and all is going well. Love all the pictures keep them coming!!

    PS I got the package you sent me and I LOVE the lip mask! It is amazing!! I seriously have the driest lips of any one ever so I am a great candidate for this stuff and I can say it really works!! Love it, thank you!

    Enjoy that sweet little baby :)

  2. She is just too precious. Enjoy your little girl!

  3. Oh, I loved when my kids slept on my chest. It's the best feeling in the world. Enjoy being home and hanging with Aubrey!


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