Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday 

Another Monday!  I'm not really stoked for this one...I'm heading back to work after 8 weeks off, and it's Aubrey's first day at daycare.  It's tough to leave her in the care of someone else.  We've been together pretty much constantly since birth.  We've bonded and become good buddies..having our good and bad days, but I've loved getting to spend so much time with her.  But alas, it must come to an end because Mommy does need to start earning a paycheck again.

Anyway, I'm rambling...onto the you know the drill, just write a post about something motivating you this week and link it up to my blog.  Just comment to this post and leave a link, and I'll add you to the blog roll!  I'm dying to get to 2 people in one week...let's do this!

Sadly, I feel I have gone off the wagon a bit from last week...didn't get to work out every day like I was doing, but at least I still have been exercising.  I've been trying not to snack but the brownies and M&Ms I had at my Mary Kay Open House today were just calling my name.  I couldn't resist :-)   Bad, Nain, bad. 

So I need to get back on that this week.  With going back to work, of course, there will be days when I can't work out because my time is much more limited.  But one thing I can work on is snacking.  That's my down fall so if I can reign that in, I will be doing OK. 

I'm also working on the whole assertiveness thing...that's my motivation for the week and trust me, I'll need it this week.  So I have some health goals, as well as mental health goals.  Let's see if I can hold to them! 

What's motivating YOU this week?  Can't wait to read them!


  1. I totally wrote one for last week's Motivation Monday but forgot to send you the link. So we'll let it be for this week. Good luck with your first week back! Thinking about you. :-)

  2. It is hard to leave the baby in the care of someone else. I'll be thinking about you. Good luck with the snacking thing! You could probably put in walking on your lunch break (you do of course take one of those away from your desk, right???), and good luck with being more assertive!

    I did my Motivation Monday post. It's at

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  3. OK I didn't put those huge spaces in that sentence....weird.


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