Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Make it stop! Please, make it stop!

Today's "thankful post" is on the fact it is election day.  Thank God!  It's election day!  I swear, I normally bitch and moan about most election periods, but this one has been particularly painful.   The ads.  Dear God, the ads.  I'm not sure I can take much more of these.  I was home with Aubrey for those few days she was sick, and just having the TV on in the background, I couldn't even keep count with how many I heard.  I made up my mind who I was voting for a long time ago, so I could care less about these stupid ads.  But they are so annoying. 
It's almost enough to make me not want to watch TV in general.  T made the comment that after today we won't have to hear anything about elections.  I wish that were the case.  But I have no doubt that no matter who wins today, talk of 2016 will pretty much immediately begin. 
T and I have taken to making the ads even more dramatic since the tone of them is normally dramatic enough.  "So and so is Satan."  "This person is related to Hitler."  "This candidate was that third shooter behind the grassy knoll."  And "This candidate for State Senate eats babies.  Do you want someone who eats babies deciding the future of OUR babies?"  I mean, come on.  Half the time the ads just have talking points or some political statement that a candidate made taken completely out of context or so obviously spliced from a speech where you know there was more to the sentence than the snippet they just played.  And the ones where the candidates are standing their talking to a crowd of students or sitting there all lovingly with their family.  Totally staged. 
So yes, I am thankful today for the fact that as of tonight, the madness will be over.  Unless we have another Bush v. Gore.  In that case I am going into hiding and secluding myself from all media.  Just saying. 
And I will be watching election coverage tonight, mostly because as a journalism major, I heart Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw.  And man, I miss Tim Russert's coverage.  Such a good journalist.  But then I'll be turning to the Daily Show for the rest because I'd rather see a humorous spin of this whole thing.  It beats, as Biden put it, all of the other "malarkey." 
But...we voted!

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