Monday, November 26, 2012

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday
Welcome back and happy motivation Monday, folks!  So I had a completely different blog post written when I first composed a post on Friday night over break.   It was all about how I had eaten badly and how my motivation was to get back on track.  Yeah, that was until about one hour later when I was struck with the stomach flu.  T and I spent the night hugging the toilet and laying in the fetal position in bed not getting any sleep at all and cursing our daughter who we think had a small bug on Thanksgiving and gave us a full blown puke fest the following day.  Thanks, Aubrey!
So we spent the entire day on Saturday lying around at T’s parent’s house watching football and barely drinking and not eating anything.  So my concern about any extra starch or alcohol adding pounds onto me just went away. 
But that isn’t to say I don’t have motivation this week.  Before being hit by the plague, I did go for a run with T’s Dad.  I was all gung ho to do it again on Saturday, and I think in my delirium I actually said to T “I’ll still be able to run in the morning” shortly after getting sick.  Yes, I am just that determined.
This week I am going on a work trip.  I don’t want to go on this work trip, but it’s mandatory.  One of the things I hate about conferences like these is you have to eat what they give you basically, which is hotel/conference food.  And you’re pretty much sedentary the entire day.  So I will make sure to get up early each day I’m there and take advantage of the gym facilities and try my best to eat the best I can, considering the circumstances.    Oh and not get the stomach flu again.  Because I can’t explain how much that truly sucked.  Not getting to enjoy a nice brew while watching Rivalry Weekend football?  Blasphemy, I tell you. 
So that’s my motivation for the week – what’s yours?  Join in on the motivating fun by writing a post of your own, linking up to this blog and leaving a link to your own in the comments.  Let’s get motivated! 
And let’s get motivated, Nain, to get through 3.5 days away from my Aubster….


  1. That super sucks that you guys spent your vacation that way! I'm glad you're feeling better now.

  2. Sorry you were so puky! Yuk. It was a good rivalry football weekend from my point of view!!

  3. Dude... I think kids are little terrorists with this stuff! Two sets of my friends had almost the SAME thing! Their baby got a "little bug" and then when they got it - it was the full blown monster flu! So sorry you were so sick!

  4. Ugh - so sorry you were sick! Hopefully you've gotten it out of the way for the rest of the season. Good luck with the conference.


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