Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Team effort

I've heard it said before, but parenting is a team effort.  Not just a mom and dad team, but team as in an entire family team effort - family, friends, what have you.   T and I try our best.  We each do our own things differently, some the same.  All that matters is the end goal - a healthy and happy Aubrey.
So today I am grateful for my team partner.  I don't know what I would do without him.  He's an amazing father to Aubrey.  He's there to pick up the slack when I'm having a rough day, he's there to be the voice of reason, he's there to make me laugh when things seem so completely overwhelming.  He's held my hand and said everything is going to be alright the two times we have had to take Aubrey to the emergency room.  He knows Aubrey's favorite toys, her favorite books.  He knows just what to do to make Aubrey laugh.  He knows how to comfort her when she's sad.  He's just a wonderful father.
We rotate who puts Aubrey to bed, who feeds her, who gets her up in the morning and dresses her.  Sure, we each do our own thing and he doesn't always do things the way Mommy loves.  But he gets it done.  Case in point...last week I worked out while T got Aubrey ready.  I was in the shower by the time he dressed her, so when I got out of the shower, there she was, all smiles on the floor with her toys.  In the most interesting outfit I've seen her in to date.  Oh T.  Here she was in a long sleeved gray and white onesie, bright blue and green floral pants, a completely different colored monkey bib, and magenta and pink polka dot socks. 
She is a fashion pioneer.
And I couldn't be any luckier that I have an amazing man who is such a wonderful dad.  Even if he doesn't know how to outfit coordinate :-)
Sorry, I didn't take pictures.  Sadly, I don't believe that shirt lasted the day with spit-up and all.  But trust me, it was quite the look!
Aubrey is a fashion pioneer, I tell you!


  1. Fortunately you are a woman who realizes that all he does is worth far more than his color blindness. In defence of the man, it's like you said- if she's gonna redecorate with barf anyway, what's the worry? Time enough for that on special occasions and portrait sittings.

  2. Isn't it great to have a supportive parenting teammate? I'm grateful for mine too. I would never get through it all without him!


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