Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saving the money

I have discovered a new way to save a ton of money and get Aubrey new and cute stuff.  Yeah, yeah, it’s not like I’m the only woman who has ever done this but this past weekend, I have discovered the beauty of secondhand shops. 
T’s parent’s town has a number of pretty great consignment shops, and T’s Mom took me to a couple of them on Black Friday.  See, instead of chasing down the deals at Target or Wal-Mart, I chose to hit the consignment shops.  Considering how quickly Aubrey is growing, now well into 18 month clothes, it almost isn’t worth it to buy new clothes for her.  We do buy new outfits, yes, but it’s hard to keep up.  The daycare needs three outfits for when she has “accidents,” and keeping up with all of that laundry isn’t always easy.  And we needed a winter coat for the Aubster and a snow suit for when she gets to play in her first snow.   And dude!  It’s amazing what I found.  Granted, you have to really dig around, but I got her two winter coats, her Christmas Eve dress (basically in brand new condition), two PJ’s for Christmas and Christmas Eve, a snow suit, and a whole number of shirts and outfits.  Plus, we got a whole bunch of toys for her, as well.  T’s Mom is a super cleaner so she cleaned the heck out of the toys and outfits.  And we seriously dug around to get stuff that looked as good as new and some still with the tags on them.  So I walked away pretty stoked with my haul.  I’m thinking I need to locate a few stores like these in our town.   
And yeah, yeah…I’m sure I’m not the first woman in the history of mankind who has discovered consignment stores, but I’m pretty excited.  Gotta love saving money! 


  1. I love it too. My favorite one closed down, I need to find a new favorite. I just make Norah wear all of Ava's old digs, but I'm over most of them :)

  2. I love consignment and second-hand stores that are truly that! There are so many "vintage" stores here and more than 2/3-rds of them are as expensive or more so than buying new. So if I'm going to buy second-hand, they better not be charging me new prices!

    When we lived in Cali there were some awesome second's shop's. There were several that sold "last season" items. Never been worn's that retailed at hundreds, selling for less than $30 or even less. They were fabulous!! I wish we had those here.

    Another thing we did in Cali was "hand me rounds". Friends and friends of friends would pass around their out-grown kids things. Some were not gently used, but thank the Lord for stain removers, I could almost always bring them back to good shape. It was so fun!!

    Keep finding those deals. There is something so satisfying about them!

    Lily-thinking thoughts

  3. Love consignment! You should check out to see if there are big consignment sales each season in your neck of the woods. They are great! And you can sell your own clothes too, which helps purchase "new" stuff (and also gives you first dibs usually). Have fun!


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