Thursday, December 5, 2013

At a loss


Toddlers.  Oh, toddlers.  We're having a new "stage" with Miss Aubrey, and I'm at a loss.

Little Miss Thang seems to not want to nap at daycare, or at least she hasn't the past three days this week.  Not only does she not want to sleep at daycare, but she throws an all-out exorcism for the teachers in order to not sleep.  It got so bad on Tuesday that I went and took her home early, thinking she was getting sick or something.  But she's not.  And the not sleeping thing is only at daycare.  Any normal night, we put her down for bed, she's wide awake, kisses us good night and does not shed a tear as we close the door.  We stayed at my parent's house at Thanksgiving, and she readily took a nap and went to bed at night with absolutely no problems.  So what gives?

There could be a number of factors, really.  It's not teething because giving her Tylenol and a teething ring do nothing.  It's not that she doesn't have her comfort item as she has both her Butterfly and blanket with her.  And she loves her teachers.  The one thing that could be causing a problem is Aubrey emulating the behavior of another little girl in her class who is not adjusting at all to daycare.  This kid cries the entire time she's there, and they believe possibly Aubrey is mimicking her behavior because the other child gets attention.  Regardless of what the reason is, my kid is coming home exhausted.  

She falls asleep as soon as we leave the daycare, and then after our commute, we inevitably have to wake her.  She wakes up, disoriented and cranky, just miserable all around.  She's that way until we put her to bed, as she sobs through her bath out of exhaustion.  It's just so sad.  And I worry about the fact she is not getting this much needed rest.  

The thing that hurts even more is when the daycare calls to tell me she is upset, and I hear her in the background.  I went and got her on Tuesday, but I can't keep that up.  All that will do is teach her that if she cries, Mommy will come get her, right?  

Otherwise, the kid is as sweet as pie during the day, according to her teachers.  It is not until nap time that she throws these inconsolable fits.  I'm at a loss.  I don't know what to do.  It's not something that's a general behavior because she doesn't do it anywhere except daycare.  So it's not like T and I could do something at home to fix it.  But it makes me physically anxious thinking of her miserable at school.  I find myself praying all day that she gets at least 30 minutes of sleep or at least lays there calmly during nap.

But I'm at a loss.  I hate this whole "not knowing what's really going on because she can't talk" thing.  

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