Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sweet little words

My kid is growing up too quickly!  It's not a bad thing per se, but sometimes it's just like "wow, I cannot believe she's doing all of this now!"  Her new thing is using words to form full sentences.  It is so amazing how something that is effortless to us is so new and exciting for a little one.  And to me, it's the sweetest thing I have ever heard.  

Yesterday as T and I were putting her to bed, after reading one of her favorites, Snuggle Puppy, T picked her up to take her to the crib.  She always takes books with her to bed and quietly looks at them until she falls asleep.  (What can I say?  She is honestly a book worm already and she can't even read.)  Well, the book fell from her hands so I bent down to pick it up for her, and I hear the words "Thank you, Mommy" and she leaned in to kiss me.  Heart.  Melt.  Seriously, those three words absolutely made my day.  

This morning I kept sneezing when I was changing her diaper and each time I did that, she said "God bless you, Mommy."  At first I thought it was just me hearing things but every time she kept saying it.  

She's so silly in that she'll point out body parts while we're dressing her, too.  "Nose," pointing to my nose.  "Eyes" basically poking out my eyes.   And I suppose we should stop calling her toes little piggies because she refers to her toes as piggies, but it is too darn cute.  

Every time we leave the living room and head up to go to bed, she turns to the Christmas tree and says "Bye-bye tree!"  

I'm going to eat these moments up while I can, as well as those moments like last night when she kept hugging and kissing on me.  I know she will not always want to do that, so I'll take these mental pictures so that I can remember them later in life when she's a teenager and too embarrassed to even be seen around me.  Until then, it's amazing, those sweet little words.

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  1. Give that child a hug for me. Treasure those moments, they become mouthy teenagers waaaay too fast.


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