Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Taco Tuesday

Random Tuesday, folks...I sit here Monday night trying to figure out what to type, and all I have is this first one, and well...it's not enough to justify a full post.

Dear Silk, Let me be the first lactose intolerant person to say you suck for not bringing back the seasonal chocolate mint silk.  Seriously.  I love that stuff, and for 11 months I have dreamed of this chocolate, minty goodness.  Only to be disappointed that you are not making it this year.  No warning at all?  

And what's up, Target, with offering chocolate mint milk?  So you can let my husband enjoy this delicious concoction in all its glory, rubbing it in my face that I will become violently ill if I were to drink it?  What the hell?

That's it, I'm buying some mint syrup.  

Houston, we have a problem.  T and I are signed up to run a race Saturday morning, and not only is it going to be cold but also snowing.  Pushing a 35 lb toddler in a running stroller in the snow?  I'm not sure my body can do that.  Must figure out alternate plan ASAP.

So Aubrey loves our tree, especially the Sesame Street ornaments on the bottom.  These promptly come off the tree as soon as we get home.  It's kind of sweet.

She's also obsessed with lights.  If I turn on one of our living room lights, I must immediately turn on the one across the room or she will literally pull me there to turn it on.  Come on, Mom....get with it.  

Kids shows are kind of disturbing.  I love Sesame Street but some of the stuff on there just blows my mind.  Aubrey loves Lazy Town, which....yeah....it's from Iceland if that tells you anything, and no way in hell will I ever let her watch Cailou.  The other day the Wiggles were on, and when did they bring on a female Wiggle?  Mind. blown.

I think we have a makeup date night this weekend.  I don't want to jinx it because our sitter has had to reschedule twice on us, but keep your fingers crossed.  We need it.  I love me some Aubrey, but holy cow, I could use a time-out just every now and then.  Single moms...no way do I understand how you do it.  Mad props, you get mad props.  

In addition to a date night, I'm in desperate need of a girls evening.  L to the YN, you down?  

Speaking of girls' nights, back in the day at IU there was this amazingly delicious but cheap Mexican place that had a weekly "Taco Tuesday" where you could get the most amazing tacos for $1 each.  Hence my title.  I could so go for one of their potato tacos.  Sounds gross?  No, more like amazing.

I realize that I sound like some kind of douchey teenager with half of what I'm writing here.  I swear, I haven't lost my mind.  It's watching Finding Bigfoot.  I think Bobo is rubbing off on me.  

We had a monumentally crapptasitc Monday so keep your fingers crossed that today goes well.  Hope you all have a good day, too!

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  1. Totally up for a girls night - we are way behind! Also, Silk has a dark chocolate almond milk - add some peppermint extract maybe??


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