Friday, January 28, 2011

Can I take a moment?

I am the hamster.  And the life is my wheel.  Or at least it feels that week for both T and myself.   It's crap, we been one of those work weeks where every night you lay down in bed, exhausted beyond belief, look at each other say "oh, have to do this again tomorrow?"   At least it's Friday.  I keep telling myself that as I stare down the barrel of another day.

The new job is going great.  I really like it so far, though it's been crazy busy.  I've had to jump in with both feet with this job and kind of get going since my position was vacant for a few months before I started so they definitely need a ton of help.  I've been working through my lunch, working later, but honestly, I've loved it so far.  I really like the people so far, and I like working in a smaller town and in close proximity to T.  So think this is a really positive change, and I can't wait to see where this brings me.

T has been working crazy hard, too.  I'm so proud of him.  He's been busting his ass at work, going in at 7:30 and work until 5:00, doing tests to get ready for a big presentation tomorrow.  So we've both been running around like crazy people.   But I'm hoping it has some good results! 

So we'll be relaxing this weekend (hopefully).  Big plans for the weekend?  We're going to see my favorite movie of all time on the big screen.  In case you weren't aware, but Airplane! is my favorite movie EVER.  And I was so sad when Lesley Nielson died.  So apparently one of the movie theaters in town is playing it on the big screen, and T and I have tickets.  I could not be more excited.  This is one of my dreams, and I'll be there.  How cool is that? 

So I feel like I've been neglecting you, my bloggy friends, this week with posts, and I promise to be more consistent next week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  TGIF!



  1. So happy for you that you're loving your new job! Seems to have a lot of bonus's for you too!

    Taking on something new will is a good enough excuse to ignore us. But next week I look forward to hearing from you more!


  2. Glad things are still looking good after your first week on the job!

  3. I have totally felt like the hamster on the wheel this week too... Funny how a new job can do that to you! Glad you're loving what you're doing though lady! :)

  4. Hope you had a great weekend! Sounds like you really needed the break. Hang in there!

  5. I hope the movie on the big screen was everything you hoped it would be! I've never seen it myself, but I will definitely have to check it out.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the new job, but I'm sorry you guys are so busy. I do hope you were able to unwind and relax over the weekend


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