Monday, January 17, 2011

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

Welcome to another week, folks, which means...what's that?  Another Motivation Monday! 

This week's Motivation?  Preparing for the butt kicking that will be happening to me on May 8th.  See, before the end of last year, T and I signed up to run (T) or walk (me) the mini-marathon in Indianapolis.  That's 13.1 miles, folks.  That's like the distance some people drive to work.  I'm walking that.  I'll be walking for like 4 hours that morning.  The rest of that day will be spent either in my bath or my bed. 

So we need to prepare for it, which means training.  T found an awesome program through a local running store where they meet weekly on Saturday mornings and train.  They have programs for walkers, runners (beginners, intermediate and advanced).  It'll be kind of nice because it'll force me to get up and do it, and I'll be walking with other people so I won't be lonely for those long miles.    For T, it'll be a good way to pace himself with other runners.  (Me, I tend to walk like speed demon.  I could probably use the pacing too).  The program starts this Saturday.   And the high tetemperature that day?  Oh, somewhere around 13 degrees.  (Brrr!)

Working out with the trainer is still going well.  She kind of kicked my ass last week.  I had a session on Thursday where we did some serious leg work, and all day on Friday and Saturday I could barely walk or sit down without wincing in pain.  But that's good, right?  Getting my money's worth, and I'm getting stronger!

So what about you?  What's motivating you this week?  All you need to join in with the Motivation Monday fun is to write a post about what is motivating you this week and link up using the linky tool below.  Hope you can all join in!  Thanks for participating!

And, just a poll, but how many of you would like a Motivation Monday guest post by T? 


  1. I definitely need some motivation today. I cannot confirm or deny that I hit snooze approximately 6 times this morning so as not to have time to get on the treadmill. I will be doing my run this afternoon, though, so here's to being motivated! Good for you for doing the training program (despite the cold!), and a yay for getting T to guest post. :-)

  2. Ugh I have no motivation! None! I kinda feel yucky today. Glad I got so much done this weekend because I'd be waaaay behind now!

  3. I just linked mine up! I think it would be awesome to see T guest for you.. Also, good luck with the running/walking. I did a 5K and thought I was going to die, I couldn't imagine doing a half-marathon!

  4. I need some motivation big time! I only scrounged up enough motivation to take a shower and put on fresh underwear. (not gonna lie, I took a ho-bath)

  5. I'm motivated to get back on the treadmill. Once the pain in my back goes away, of course.

  6. I think it would be fun to hear from T! As long as we get to hear from you too :-)


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