Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday everyone!  Ok, so before I get into my motivating post, here's how it works...just write a post (you can do it today or tomorrow or anytime this week, since the linky will be up until next Monday), but link your post about what motivates you this week.  It can be anything - working out, doing more at work, something at home, or just something that you need motivation for inside of you.  Last week I was so happy to have such a great turnout in participation, and this week I'd love to see even more!

This week I'm motivated to work...more specifically, in my new job.  Last Friday was my last day at my old job, and this week brings a new adventure.  And I'm nervous.  But it's really just those first day nerves....the whole "will they like me?" thing or "will I know how to use my computer there?"  or "will I get lost going to find the bathroom?"  And the big one..."Will I like this job?"  I know I will, but in the back of my mind it is a question that is hanging over me.  I have had so many jobs where I just haven't been happy, and this last one took a toll on me emotionally and physically (which, really, when you're an attorney in child protective services, you grow to expect that), so I'm hoping this new job will bring good changes, better changes, and a much happier and more fulfilled Nain. 

So today off I go, just like the first day of school.   And I'm motivated to kick some major ass at this job.  Sure, there will be an adjustment period, but I am motivated to be the best I can be and do the best I can.  So that's my motivation this week.  A new chapter opening and new adventures ahead for Nain.

What's motivating YOU this week?


  1. Seeing as I didn't work Thursday or Friday, I'm just motivated to see my desk again. :-)
    Good luck with the new job!

  2. I hope everything is going FANTASTICALLY!


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