Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Steals!

It's that time again!  Saturday Steals with Camille!  Now, I love me some steals, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to actually share a steal today, but...luckily I can!
So T and I started our mini-marathon training this morning.  Bright and early, and the weather was 4 degrees.  Yes, four.  Yes, we're crazy.  But we signed up for this program through the running store and down, and dammit, we were going to do it. 
So we bundled up and headed out.  The first session was thirty minutes, which was good because that's all I could handle.  But at the end of the session we got a free microfiber shirt. 
Now this is my first one of these shirts.  I did buy microfiber pants the other day to layer with my sweat pants because I knew I would be walking in the arctic, but I'm pretty stoked about this shirt.  It'll apparently (or I'm told this) soak up sweat and stuff.  And that is a good thing, right?
So that's my steal.  And I did make it 30 minutes out in frigid temperatures.  Parts of our route were not plowed or shovelled either so that made for an interesting hike.  But I did it. 
So stop by Camille's blog and see what other cool Saturday Steals people have to share!


  1. Wow, sounds like you're very committed to your training to go out in weather like that! But great that you got something free in the process!

  2. i have never had one of those shirts, let us know if it's a good steal!

  3. I'm so proud you did it!!
    You're brave my friend!
    And one of the rewards of going out in that weather was this great steal!! Cool!

  4. I'm so impressed you were out running in the cold! And you got a free shirt, it makes up for the frigid temperatures! Great steals!

  5. I have never seen nor heard of microfiber clothes. I am interested in how they feel when worn, how well do they wash and dry, and do they hold up.

  6. Way to go for getting out there!

  7. Even though I hate working out, I love fancy workout clothes. Hooray for you! And thanks so much for participating. : )


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