Sunday, January 9, 2011

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Welcome back to Motivation Monday!  I was so happy with the participation I got last week with the meme, so I hope we can keep this momentum going...and...without further ado...

So this Saturday, I went to this big Mary Kay event in our area called "January Jumpstart."  It was an all day deal, and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but I was following through with one of my goals this year to really get my Mary Kay business going this year.  I'm going balls to the wall with this venture.  We need the extra money, I love the product, and I'm geared to sell. 

The only hang up? It was located at the same building where I took the dreaded bar exam in July 2006.  I recognized the name of the reception hall, and part of me was like " sure if I want to go there..." But I did it.  So I got up Saturday morning, headed out, pulled into the lot and made my way cautiously into the hall. 

I got there with only five minutes to spare, and the place was packed.  Pink Cadillacs covered the parking lot.  It was loud in there.  All I could see when I got in the door was just full tables of women all chatting as if they were best friends and knew each other from birth.  I, however, knew no one.  Not a sole.  I momentarily thought "shit, did I make a mistake?"  I wouldn't be lying if I didn't feel like it was the first day of school after moving here from Alabama.  (Seriously, I had flashbacks.)  But I swallowed my fear and chose an open table with some relatively friendly-looking ladies. 

I wasn't sure what I had in store for me, but with the first speaker it was hard not to get motivated.  It's tough to describe, but all of these women were just so inspiring, so empowered.  The beauty of Mary Kay is that it's your business, and you get to run it the way you want.  And you get to positively influence women's lives.  Before, I thought it was just about makeup, but after today...I'm convinced it's much more than that.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

You would think that hearing speakers from 9-4 I would find moments of boredom and the need for doodling to pass the time, but that didn't happen.  In fact, I took like 8 pages of notes on what I learned, and I can't wait to apply it to my own business. 

My goal these next few months is to double my sales from December and to book at least 10 parties until the end of February.  I have two already booked for January so I'm slowly getting there. 

Later this week, I want to feature one of my favorite products in a fun giveaway, but for now, I would love to direct you guys to  my personal Mary Kay Web site.  Check out some of the products, and email me if you have any questions about them or would like to learn more about how you, too, can become a consultant.  And...if you should feel so inclined, feel free to make a purchase so that I can each my goals.  (but only if you feel so inclined.  No pressure here, OK?) 

So that's my motivation for the week!  What's yours?  It's easy to join in - just write up a post about what's motivating you this week and link it up, using the linky tool, which will be open until Saturday.  Hope you all have a motivating week!


  1. Wow, that's so great! I'm so happy that you feel so motivated. I went to a party for Mary Kay once, but I don't think I have the gumption to make it a business for myself. Which is why I'm that much more impressed with you! Go for it!!

  2. My motivation is to keep Sprite from telling her teachers she's sick. :-)

  3. it's great that you got motivated, i think mary kay is great, and when I have some extra money i might buy some from you :)

    in other news, you have an award over at my place. check it out!


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