Thursday, March 8, 2012

Checking in

Sorry for my lack of posts, everyone...I'm still adjusting to the new "normal" here in the T and Nain household.  Despite the fact that everyone says that babies sleep a lot during the day, that doesn't mean I get a whole lot of time to get much done around the house.  Or sleep.  Aubrey has decided that anytime I put her down, she will start fussing until I pick her up.  I love having her sleep on my chest like she does during the day, but that position does not leave a lot of room for moving about or writing on the laptop.  Luckily I have her down for a short while here, so I'm trying my best to catch up on emails, writing or basically anything that I need to do.  Let's see how long that lasts!

I have been lucky for the past few days in that the weather that is known as Indiana weather, it's been sunny and pretty the last few days, so I've been able to get outside and take her for a walk.  It's nowhere near the type of walks I used  to do for exercise, but getting outside and just getting some fresh air does help every now and then.  I'm going stir crazy just being cooped up in this house and not being able to leave and go for a short drive or walk around at Target or...basically just get out.  I can't wait until I'm cleared to drive again, and Miss Aubrey and I can get out.  I hear taking drives can help calm down a fussy baby...let's see if that works eventually :-) 

I promise to try to catch up on reading blogs and hopefully posting more often.  And pictures, of course!  And to satisfy you guys for the time being!

Miss Aubrey sleeping away...yes, I managed to catch a moment where she was all peaceful :-)

Hanging out with my favorite girl...

Taking a walk outside and enjoying the sun.  I probably was a little overzealous with the blankets, but I wasn't sure how warm she needs to be.  Don't you just love her hat?



  1. She is so beautiful momma.. the hat is adorable..Take your time adjusting, no one expects you to jump through hoops and do it all and anyone who does and says they did is a liar. Just so ya know

  2. Glad to see a new post. Not saying you need to post more but if you want to I have a suggestion: I dont know if you have a smart phone but they have apps (I use Blog Away) that will allow you to post & manage your blog from your phone. It only lets you post one picture per post but I find it helpful when I can be near my lap top.

    Take care!!

  3. So pretty! No worries, post when you feel like it. I remember when Sprite was that young and putting her down to sleep was like trying to put down an armed explosive. As soon as she touched the mattress and my hands eased out from under her, she went off.
    Finally, I discovered that she liked the swing and I got over the guilt of leaving her sleeping in it for a few hours while I caught up on laundry or dishes or actually fed myself for the first time that day. This way, she got her sleep and I got my sanity, bit by bit.

  4. So cute!
    She's adorable!!
    I've been MIA, so I couldn't check your blog in the past days.
    But I'm glad everything is going fine with Aubrey! :)

  5. Thank you for the pictures! She is so cute. Glad you were able to get a walk in - they can do wonders!


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