Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Mommy Blog?

Warning:  This post may be a little controversial.
So I've noticed that most, if not all, of my posts since Aubrey's arrival have been about her and adjusting to life as a parent, and it has me thinking about the direction I want to take my blog in...and honestly, I'm not sure.  When I started this blog, it was a way to push me back into writing.  I tried my best to make sure my posts were honest, creative, etc.  I like to think, for the most part, that I succeeded at that.  However, as my pregnancy progressed further along, and after Aubrey's arrival, the content of my blog has ventured into "Mommy blog" territory. 
This isn't to say I have any problem whatsoever with being a Mommy blog.  Many of the blogs I read on a daily basis are just that, and they are some of the best ones on the Web.  It's just that there are so many of them out there, and mine is nothing in comparison to the ones that are.  Instead it reads more like a blog that people write to keep friends and family updated on the happenings of their family.  I'd be okay doing that if I let my family and friends know about my blog.  Some of my friends do read this blog, but my family, not so much.  I worry that if I did let my family in on the blog, that I'd be judged.  I know a few of my family members think blogs are silly or stupid or self-serving, and I don't think the news would go over too well with them.  So I've kept it a secret since I started it almost two years ago. 
So what do I do?  Do I change the focus of my blog?  Arguably, it's hard not to write about this new development in my life.  My daily life is about Aubrey and I am a new mom.  I hate to say that I don't have a lot going on other than becoming a mother, but it's true.  Being at home with a newborn is a full-time job, and she does demand most, if not all, of my attention during the day.  Until I do go back to work, I don't have a lot else to really talk about.   But I am afraid of alienating some of my readers who don't necessarily want to read a Mommy blog. 
I suppose I could rotate my postings so that I make sure I have a variety of content.  Or, I could do what Katie at Marriage Confessions does and have separate pages for different types of content.  I couldn't update both sections on a daily basis, but it would separate the two types of content I have.  I don't quite know at this point, so I'm asking you, the people out there who do read my blog - what do you think?  Any of you moms out there, do you find yourself having the same dilemma? 
Ah, decisions, decisions....


  1. I love mommy blogs. It's what I read every day. And I find them cute, inspiring and give me some ideas for my future. haha

  2. Yeah, who cares what other people think. Let em judge. Write what helps you and is therapeutic for YOU. After all, this is YOUR life. I love mom blogs! How fun to look back and see hor far you've come and it'll be great to show Aubrey too.

  3. I try hard not to be a "mommyblog" - something about that phrase makes my skin crawl! But, being a parent, of course I'm going to blog about my kids. This is in the intro to my blog: "I am a mother, but this is not a "Mommyblog" by any means. Yes, I blog about my children (two girls, 12 years apart) but I also write as inspiration strikes me. Current events, women's issues, randomness, sometimes silliness."
    My children are a major part of my life, but don't define me or my posts. I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is YOUR blog. Make it about what YOU want it to be about! :)

  4. Just because you write about your sweet little one, doesn't make this a "mommyblog" it makes it a human interest blog. I love reading about Aubrey, it is inspiring to read your travels through this new wonderland. And occasionally I might have something to say from my own experience. I suggest you keep it as is, a human interest, personal blog. Your honesty is refreshing and your point of view is interesting.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  5. That's the great thing about your blog. It's YOUR blog. If you want to write "Mommy" inspired content, then do so. If you want to switch it up to work related or life related, then do so! We're still reading. :-)

  6. I love reading everything you write! /i too find it helpful, entertaining and interesting. I agree with everyone else, it's your blog, you should write whatever you want! And you don't have to stick to one theme, feel free to write whatever you want whenever you want to. I'll still be reading :-)

  7. I really think blogs are such personal spaces that it's OK for them to change and grow as you do as well. They should be reflections of where you are at any given point in time, and if mommy blogging is where it's at for you right now - embrace that! :)

  8. Like everyone else said, this is your blog, so you write what you want. I usually write what I feel will help me in some way. Whether to vent, whether to remind myself of the blessings I have, or to just get information out there so I don't feel so disconnected. You are a mom now, and that will become a big part of your life. So far you have written about your life and what is going on in that, so it will be hard to not write about your experiences as a mom. But that doesn't have to be everything you write. Just enjoy the writing and the process!


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