Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Small victories!

After posting yesterday, I spent the afternoon searching the Internet for ideas on how to help little Miss Aubrey sleep more during the night. I'm not naive and realize she's only a month old and still will need to get up every few hours to eat, but the past few days, having her not sleep for an hour or even two in between feedings...something has to give.  So I was willing to try anything. 
I found quite a lot out there.  I'm not one for the co-sleeping thing, but that's mostly from my days as a DCS attorney.  I just can't do it, though I know she'd sleep better if we tried it.  We did find some great tips that we put into effect last night, though.  I let her eat a little bit more and/or more often than we normally schedule for her so that her stomach was fuller.  We calmed things down a great deal after 8 p.m. and slowed down.   And somewhere I read that newborn babies have a harder time sleeping alone in a pack and play like we had Aubrey sleeping because of the openness of it all.  So we tried her sleeping in her carrier last night so she was a little more curled up and compact.  And wouldn't you know it...she slept for 4 hours at a time!  And didn't bat an eye when we put her back down after a feeding! 
What is this foreign feeling I am experiencing this morning? 
Oh wait...it's rest! 
I'm not a fool in thinking this will work every night, but it sure is nice to have another tool in our arsenal.  And if it works...well, it works.  I think we'll take just about anything to get a bit more rest these days.  It makes me a much nicer Mommy during the day :-)  And when Mommy is happy, everyone is happy.
Just happy for the small victories!

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