Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day apart

This week I go back to work, so to speak.  Well, not full time but for a full day on Friday.  I'm still technically on maternity leave (unpaid maternity leave, mind you), but I was invited to join in on this all day conference regarding access to justice in Indiana.  It involves a select invite list so when I received the letter in early February, I couldn't say no.  It should be an incredibly interesting conference, and I'm honored to be asked to be a part of it.  However...this is my first full day away from Aubrey.  And Mommy is more than a little nervous. 
T has graciously offered to come with me to downtown Indy while I'm at the conference and spend Friday with Aubrey at the hotel where we'll be staying.  Saturday I have an all-day Mary Kay conference downtown, too, so it made more sense to just stay downtown.  So it's not like Aubrey isn't with a parent or anything.  But it's going to be hard, as she and I have spent every hour together pretty much since her birth on February 15th.  She's become my little sidekick.  Sure, she does drive me crazy, especially when she refuses to nap during the day like yesterday or has multiple dirty diapers in a thirty minute span.  But, she's my little cutie, and I do enjoy spending my days with her.  How could I not?  Could you say no to this face?
Nevertheless, maybe these two days apart will be good in transitioning me back to work.  That way, when my maternity leave is up, it's not such a harsh change.   But that doesn't mean I'm not going to miss my little girl. 
And I'm pretty nervous about getting back into work, too.  It'll be good for me, but...still nervous.  I do think I'm ready, though.  And I'll be ready for sure when my maternity leave is up.  I just won't want to say good bye during the day to my little girl. 
Such a dilemma, right? 

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  1. The goodbyes are so hard! It gets somewhat easier...
    She is so adorable! And looks a lot like you.


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