Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to life, back to reality

As a kid, I absolutely hated this time of year.  You look forward so much to Christmas break, and then there's that dread that comes over you as you near the end of break.  Because, let's be honest.  The rest of winter just sucks.  I don't mind the snow during the Christmas time but in January and February?  Totally not a fan.  And with my job, January brings a busy time - lots of grant deadlines.  Work, work, work.  So both T and I, on Tuesday night, were reliving that feeling from our childhood as we approached that time when things went back to "normal." 
For those of you not from the Midwest, winter in  It's gloomy.  No sunshine, just gray skies.  When I lived in Alabama, I remember getting sun and days when you could go outside for a bit and get a little of that Vitamin D.  Last winter I was spoiled when I was home with Aubrey with the warmer temps, but I have a feeling that this winter is going to make up for what we didn't get last year.  I hate the gloominess.  Bah.  (Bitch, bitch, bitch...sorry :-)
It was so nice to just spend time with T and Aubrey.  The day after Christmas we were snowed in, just the three of us, and I had a blast just getting to play with Aubrey and relax.  I hated having to bring her back to daycare on Wednesday.  All during the day, I kept watching the video I posted on Wednesday.  I counted down the hours until 4:30 when we got to pick her up.
In a way, it's good to be back to normal.  Aubrey needs to get back on her daily routine and schedule, as do T and I.  While work is never fun, it's a necessity.  And unlike previous winters, we do have something fun coming in the future - Miss Aubrey's 1st birthday!  It's so hard to believe we're coming upon that.  It seems just like yesterday that I was going to weekly NST appointments, anxiously awaiting her arrival.   And now she's this big girl, standing up on her own and just itching to walk, babbling away and eating solid foods.  It'll be fun planning Aubrey's party, and every Valentine's Day from here on out will always have a different meaning for us. 
So I guess that is my silver lining.  But I wouldn't mind being back home in my warm house, on the floor playing with Aubrey and listening to her giggle. 
I think I'll watch that video once more. 


  1. I agree about the whole January and February thing - ugh

  2. Working at Starbucks well this is my break time. I used to love the holidays and now I'm starting to dread it. Oh and what do you mean Aubrey is going to be 1?!!! Where oh where has the time gone?!!

  3. Going back after a break is never fun. And looking a long cold winter doesn't help. Hopefully the time will fly by and warm weather will come soon.

  4. Also hoping this winter flies by! Enjoy the family time at home with each other in the meantime!

  5. Oh I remember when the kids were little and I felt like that. I hated sending them back the house was so empty. Now that they are all in their teens, I look forward to them going back because they are not satisfied playing with me lol.


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