Friday, January 4, 2013

Home improvements

Over Christmas break, T's parents came to visit us and helped with various projects around the house.  Since we have lived in our home for almost two years now, we've decided it's time to start painting.  Of course, we're doing this a room at a time.  Aubrey's room was first, and we decided the next two would be our downstairs half-bath and our dining room.  Honestly, T's Dad did all of the work.  He's one of those people who constantly have to be working, and I think he's happiest when he's doing home improvement projects.  The man needs his own HGTV show.  I'm pretty happy with the results, and he did an awesome job at making our rooms look amazing. 

We decided to paint the bathroom a kind of country blue.  I forget the name of the paint, but I really think this adds a lot to the room. 

I wanted a darker color for our dining room in order to make it a little more formal, so we chose this caramel color.  I absolutely love the final look.  It really makes the room stand out.

Lastly, T's Dad installed a back splash for our kitchen counters.  This is hands down my favorite improvement done that week.  These tiles are glued on and put into place by grout.  The tiles by the sink are a little higher to cover the entire wall behind the sink, which makes it really easy to clean.  Love, love, love this.  And yes, that chili in the crock pot was very tasty, too.

After they left on New Year's Eve, T and I ventured out to Target, as I had plans for our fireplace mantle once Christmas decorations were put away.  That wall was empty, and I hated the way that looked.  So we bought this mirror with some gift card money, and T hung it.  I moved around some pictures in our house to change what was there before, and I added a few items to give it a different look.  One of the pictures up there on the right is artwork Aubrey did at daycare.  It's her footprint, shaped like a bee and is labeled "Busy Baby Bee Aubrey."  Of course, we had to display it prominently on the fireplace!  It's our best work of art in the house.

We don't have the time or funds to keep going with the painting, but my next projects involve our guest bedroom and Aubrey's bathroom.  We have nothing really in her bathroom, and I'd like to do a rubber ducky theme in there.  The guest bedroom is basically where we put everything that doesn't really have a home.  I'd like to make it a little more of a guest bedroom.  I mean, guests don't want to look at random pictures of my college friends and all of the paperback books I have that I don't know where to put.  So this winter, I'll be redecorating.  Of course, when I'm not taking care of Aubrey, spending time as a family, doing Mary Kay, know, with the spare time I have? 
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 


  1. Hooray for home improvement projects! And the backsplash looks great!

  2. That all looks great! Isn't it wonderful to have in-laws that like to do home improvement projects? Mine are the same, and we owe at least 60% of the work done on our last house to them. Have a great weekend.

  3. I agree! But let Aubs do some of the painting next...

  4. That backsplash looks awesome! John put ours up while I was pregnant with Norah (2 years ago), of course it's not quite grouted to love home projects! : )

  5. If you have a facebook account check for groups in your area like trading posts or buy sell or trade. I bet you could get some great stuff from those places. I know we do. I LOVE the backsplash and I agree that caramel color is gorgeous.


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